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Thursday, October 9, 2008

SkyWatch Friday

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This is my first attempt to post for SkyWatch Friday. This was taken a couple of months ago while I was out taking a walk in our neighborhood.


  1. Wow, welcome.. this is a great sky watch..

  2. I don't know..maybe you need to add the sky watch icon picture too. I don't know. Being your first time I'm sure they would tell you if something wasn't right. Or maybe you need to search Tckk means..you said a lot were searching for that.

  3. Very dangerous looking skies. Good 1st Skywatch.
    Cheers, Klaus
    Skywatch Team

    P.S.: Sorry your entry disappeared.
    We put it back on.

  4. A very moody sky. Nice. Happy Skywatching!

  5. Great first entry! Keep coming back...stop in and say hello. Would love to share my sky watch with you.

  6. Those are some serious clouds!

    Welcome to Sky Watch! It's lots of fun.

  7. This is a beautiful photo for SkyWatch. Thanks for sharing and welcome.


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