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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Decorations

We're leaving here shortly to go out shopping for Christmas decorations. We won't be buying all new decorations, but just some to add to what we have. I can't wait. For some reason, I'm all excited about decorating! I'll try to show you later some of the goodies we buy or maybe I'll wait until the 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes to show you. Have a great day!

Well, we're home now and we had a blast. We shopped at the Old Time Pottery Store. They had so much cool stuff, it was hard to make a choice. But after an hour or so of shopping here's what we bought. You'll have to wait until we decorate to see what it all turns out like.


  1. I can't wait to see it!! I love what you bought.

    I didn't decorate last year for Christmas because our schedules were so busy and I just sort of felt "bleh" AND we were in the middle of a kitchen remodel. So, this year, the kids have said we are definitely decorating. I just hate pulling out ALL that stuff.

    For the first time since their dad & I separated, they will be home for Thanksgiving, and they said they'll decorate then (I hope I remember how to cook...) lol

    I can't wait to see the picturesque homes. :-)

  2. Ya know I am in the mood too but whether it will get done or not is the questions. I have a few ideas. I think we alreay decided on the lights for the big tree.. there is always the fight between white and colored.

  3. Wow! You got quite a bit of cool stuff! Can hardly wait to see how you use it all.

    I am anxious to start decorating for Christmas. I plan on putting up the tree (lights only) before Thanksgiving that way all I have to do is get out the decorations and start hanging them. Of course, then there's the rest of the house :)


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