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Thursday, November 6, 2008

SkyWatch Friday

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I love these clouds. Seems like our skies have been so blue and full of fluffy clouds lately.


  1. We've had a lot of those fluffy ones, too....aren't they great? Lovely photo of them!

  2. You have captured the fluffy clouds very nicely

  3. Great picture.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Take care

  4. I hope you do have fun and call if ya needs some hints. Baxter is getting fat, all he does is lay around. G tells him to get off his butt and go find a mouse. He just yawns.... I finally got my pics done. I started laundry and did a 10 or more like a 2 minute tidy and did pictures. I really hurt from yesterday. I told G that I didn't know if geocaching would work for me. I just can't take it.

  5. Did you notice Emma's sweater? Wonder where I got it? lol I got it out this morning and she knew it was hers and loves it.

  6. TCCK: That is a really nice SWF capture of the sky.


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