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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm totally devastated! I got my first senior citizen's discount today. What?!? What made you even think to ask?? While I'm glad to get the discount, I'm only 51 for goodness sake and I know I only look 49. I mean what was that girl thinking!

Being the nice mom that I am (ha ha) I took my daughter out to breakfast at Burger King before school and work. My daughter actually went up and ordered, but the clerk asked her if I was supposed to get the senior citizen's discount and my daughter said no, but then asked what age is it for and they said 50. My daughter thought it was hysterical and was more than happy to state my age and get the discount (see if I ever take her out for breakfast again).

Hey, when did 50 become a senior citizen? I don't even think I've reached middle age yet!! Of course that may be a bit of an illusion because I don't know that many people who reach 100. So I guess it's official I'm at least middle aged and at Burger King I'm considered a senior citizen!

Man, I hope my day gets better than this!!!!


  1. I think the Sr. discounts are lower now just to promote business. They should think of a more flattering way to do so I think!
    You are by no means a senior!

  2. I think Lily is right. They have probably lowered the age to promote business. To be more diplomatic, maybe they should call the new lower age discounts the "Sub-Senior discount"???

    Anyway, your story was funny -- to me:-

    And no, you do not look old enough
    for this Sub-Senior discount! :)

    Hope you have a more uplifting day today!

  3. 50 is seriously WAY too young to be called senior...but the discount would be nice... :)

    You certainly don't look a day over 40 I say!

  4. This had me laughing! Don't think about how insulting it is to be a senior at 50, just concentrate on the DISCOUNT!

  5. Ha... I recall the feeling. I was on a business trip a thousand miles or more away from my wife, sitting alone in a restaurant, when a card on the table rudely announced that I was officially a senior, in their lexicon, and the consolation price was a 10% discount. Being a PK, I was so excited over the discount that I almost immediately stopped crying. I have to tell you, that's been about 12 years ago, now, and it no longer bothers me a bit. In fact, I can't even recall being 50... nor much else. As my late friend George Younce used to say, "Shoot, I've got food in the refrigerator older than that." Excuse me, now... I must go clean out the refrigerator.

  6. I thoroughly embarrassed a check-out cashier at Ross Dress for Less one day. It was a Tuesday, when they give a "senior discount" to those over 50. You're supposed to get a card. Well, I didn't have my card with me and I said that to the clerk. I offered to show him my driver's license, and he said -- "No, no ma'am -- that's okay, I don't need to see it. I'll give you the discount." So I smiled and said (playfully), "Oh, so you're saying that you KNOW I'm over 50 just by looking at me?" The poor guy almost wet him self. (He couldn't have been more than 30 himself...)

    Well, I do have grey hair, so I could hardly blame the guy -- but it was evil fun. :-b

  7. Sure glad I've got a long time before Burger King will insult me by saving me some money.


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