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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

White Coats

Do any of you suffer from white coat syndrome? I sure do. I just had to go for a normal check-up to get my prescription renewed. Immediately when I walk in I start getting nervous and my blood pressure is elevated more than normal. Then he tells me it's time to get some tests run (you know the normal things we have to start having checked at age 50) and my pressure goes up even more. Then they wonder why it's high. Well, duh?! I don't like to go to doctors and I don't like to have tests run and I don't like them to tell me I need to lose weight (I already know that) and guess what, there goes the pressure.

Anyway, I got my prescription and now I have to schedule all these other tests. Yuk! I can tell you one thing. It's gonna have to wait until January. I have no intention of ruining the holidays with medical tests! Especially, just routine tests! If he suspected something was wrong, I would go immediately, but just routine can wait til after Christmas!!

One good thing is that I weighed 6lbs. less than I did the last time. Yeah me!!! Plus if I wait until January that gives me 6-8 weeks more of weight watchers and a chance to lose more.

So that's my fun time for the day. Now, back to work and on to hopefully a more fun-filled day!


  1. I'm with you here . . all the way!

    I dread going to the doctor, too. I make my next appointment right after I pay so that I will not whimp out and put it off!

  2. My daugher suffers with that too. Hey a 6 lb loss is huge this time of year! :0)

  3. 6 pounds - That's GgggREAT!

    I don't like the docs either. I'd definitely put off all tests until January. Good thinking!

  4. I'm am with you! :) I hate going to the doctor's office.


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