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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun Game - My Letter is O

My blog friend, Sara had this great meme posted today. I thought it was so fun and decided to join in! Here are the guidelines:
If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on...
Sara assigned me the letter "O". So here goes....
1. One and Only Husband - I got the best one in the world!!
2. Older Daughter - I love my oldest daughter. She is a Junior in High School and is getting ready to take her ACT's soon. She feels God is calling her into the ministry. I can't wait to see what God does in her life.
3. Other Daughter - I love my youngest daughter. She is in 7th grade and plays Volleyball and Basketball. She loves to shop, dance and sing - not necessarily in that order! I know God has big plans for her and am really excited to see what that may be!
4. Oceans - I love the ocean. They are one of the most beautiful things in God's creation. When I go to the beach, I can't help but praise God!
5. Opera Cream Candy - Esther Price makes my favorites!!
6. Opals - make such beautiful jewelry.
7. Otters - I wouldn't say I love them, but they are really cute!
8. "O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing" - I love this song written by Charles Wesley.
9. Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn - 98% fat free Kettle Corn is my favorite!
10. Ohio - The best state in the whole USA!!!!!
Wow, Sara "O" was really hard, but I made it, with the help of my daughter. So, if you want to play along, leave me a comment and I will assign you a letter.
........and if your extra nice, I won't give you a Z!


  1. Great job!!! It is harder than it seems. I had to look up D words on google! :)

    I love the ocean too....I would take all my vacations to the ocean if I could!!

    I have never heard of those candies...what are they and what do they taste like?

  2. Esther Price is a candy company that I believe began in Cincinnati. They are excellent assorted chocolates, but the opera cream is a really rich white cream. I did a search in yahoo and it says it's a rich fondant mixture of sugar, cream and sometimes butter. At Easter, Papas Easter Eggs also come in opera cream. They are really good too! Hope that helps. If you ever get the chance, make sure to try them. Yumm!

  3. I'll play..give me a "good" letter

  4. Cute post! I don't think I would of done that well! Have a great weekend!

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  6. Ok.... I take the challenge. Please indulge me.... Give me a good one...... I DARE YOU.

  7. Very fun. Hey, looks like God may re-open the Ohio door...time will tell. Thanks for your prayers.

  8. O does sound hard! :) You did great! I loved reading it although I might have to disagree with your #10. :)


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