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Friday, January 30, 2009


This is our back yard!

With all this snow and ice we have right now, I feel like I just want to recall the wonderful time we had in Disney World this past August. It was so hot, you can't believe it!! But what I wouldn't give for some of that heat right now. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from that trip. Hope you enjoy it! As I said in my last post, Disney World is one of my favorite vacation destinations.

This is me and KLS riding the Astro Orbiter. This was the first time I've ever ridden this ride in all the many trips I've taken here in my life. See how I'm squinting. The sun was so bright and hot that day. Ok. I think I'm starting to feel a little warmer now.
We were out on a boat heading from Magic Kingdom to the Wilderness Lodge for lunch. This is the Grand Floridian. Again see all the bright blue skies and sunshine. Are you feeling any warmer?
Here are the girls in front of the Castle. See sunglasses and squinting. Ahh sweet sunshine!
And this is the Crystal Palace on the left of the river that runs up to the Castle. Oh man, look at all that green and the purple flowers and the beautiful blue skies. Yep, I'm feeling warmer now and I'm definitely wishing I was back in Disney right now. Well, Lord willing, we will be back there some day. Who knows? Maybe even yet this year. Hope you all enjoyed visiting Disney World with me.


  1. Thanks for the "warm up". I can use it here in the land of ice.
    Very good pics!

  2. squinting cause the sun..how squinting for the blinding snow.. crazy isn't it? And what's with the schools tonight.. Do they think it's gonna get better over night?

  3. Beautiful photos! You all look so happy and tan. LOL Don't you wish you were back there now? I was home for like five minutes this week and was wishing I was back in Fla. LOL Oh well reality not's so bad. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Snows pretty and all...but I'll take sunshine and heat any day!!!

  5. Love your summer pictures! I wish I were in Florida right now. Thanks for the short winter reprieve.

  6. I loved this post. I feel all warm and happy and excited seeing your pics. It's only 8 weeks until I will be there. The picture of the river with the view of Crystal Palace is lovely. I don't think we went down that way although we had a character breakfast at Crystal Palace.
    It's snowy here today. We had 21cm yesterday which is unusual for England. Today it's all froxen solid and the roads are like skating rinks.


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