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Friday, February 6, 2009

Growing Up

My girls are growing up. I mean I know that's what's supposed to happen, but I'm not sure I'm ready! I thought I was ready for it to happen, but now I'm not so sure.

Last night our oldest daugther, KLS, was in our room making out her schedule for her Senior year of high school. Wait a minute, wasn't it just yesterday she was in kindergarten? How in the world did we get to scheduling her Senior year. And to make matters even worse, she is going to take her ACT test tomorrow! ACT test!?! Wait a minute that's to prepare for college. No way is my baby ready for college. It can't be!! Actually, that's probably not true. She's probably ready, but I'm not sure I am!!

Now, KJS is going on a ski trip this weekend with her youth group. Now, I ask you who would take a five year old on a ski trip?!?. Oh wait a minute, she's not 5 she's 14!! How did that happen?!? Who let these girls grow up behind my back?!!

My babies aren't babies anymore. They've grown into sweet young women and I'm happy for them. Fortunately for me, they still let me see the little girl in them once in a while. So I guess I'll continue to let them grow up and spread their wings without Momma hanging on so tight.
All you moms of young children, enjoy these years with your babies, because they pass so quickly.

Girls, You'll always be my Princesses. I love you and I'm so proud to be your mother.


  1. Two beautiful girls and you seem to have a wonderful relationship with them. You are certainly blessed.

    Just wait until their children start growing up. Our son has a 5 year old and a 7 month old. It was only yesterday that he was the age of his baby boy! But it is so fun to watch him with his little ones and see the love in his eyes. After all, it's his turn now. It's my turn to be Grammie :)

  2. I......I.......I think I'm gonna puke.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  3. Your girls are gorgeous. Enjoy them while you can.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Can you believe it.. I guess that's why I have wrinkles..

  5. Wise words! Time seems to drag a long for years and then it start flying by!

  6. I can still remember the first time I saw KLS(?). You told me not to be offended if she wouldn't come to me, because she was shy. I made one face at her, and she came right to me. I guess when I'm making funny faces I'm not nearly as scary as when I'm just looking at you normally.


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