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Friday, March 6, 2009

Survivor-I did not give away the ending!

I promise (with my right hand on my heart) I will not give the outcome of last night's Survivor in this post. :) It seems that last week I ruined it for a couple of people who had TIVO'd it.
However it was a fun show this week. I loved the 2 challenges. They were very physically challenging and fun to watch and I wasn't too upset with the final results of the tribal council.

What did you think? (Disclaimer - I can't help it if someone else tells in the comments. hahahaha)

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  1. well, I have to say that I wanted to see Sandy go....she is just plain annoying and I only see her once a week!!! But it was between the two girls so it's all good!

    I loved the challenges too and am enjoying the "secret" alliance that is building between Taj and the other 3!! We'll see how far it goes!