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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

In honor of OhAmanda's Disney Cruise Tomorrow (did you get that? she leaves tomorrow!) I'm listing my Top Ten Favorite Things at Disney World. Understand that I love almost all things Disney. But here are 10 that I'll list and they are not in order. This is just the order the pics downloaded.

1. The Animation Academy at Disney Hollywood Studios - They help you draw one of the Disney Cartoon Characters Step by Step. So much fun.

2. EPCOT - I love Space Ship Earth (we call it the Epcot Ball). They've redone this ride and it's a fun, calm ride for the whole family.

3. Toy Story Mania - This is also at Disney Hollywood Studios - Brand new interactive ride. Love it!

4. Splash Mountain - This is a fun ride as long as you like to get wet. In Florida, in August, oh yeah! I want to get wet!!!

5. Soarin - Another ride at EPCOT. It simulates hang-gliding over California. Love this so much!!

6. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - Very fun interactive ride at Magic Kingdom!

7. Main Street USA - Love this and the first glimpse of the Castle. Very magical!!!!

8. Magic Kingdom - Love walking up to the entrance and seeing this. I think this is supposed to be one of the most photographed spots in the world.

9. Cinderella's Castle - How could anyone not love this!!! Aren't all us girls Princessess at heart?

10. Pop Century Resort - We've stayed here twice and love it. Such a fun place.

Come join us for Top Ten Tuesday at OhAmanda's and also wish OhAmanda a great trip!!

If you want to see more of my pictures and hear about our August 2008 trip to Disney, go to my sidebar and see the green DISboards button. In the narrative there is a link to our story.


  1. Fun Fun! I still haven't been on soarin'! Last time we went to Epcot, my daughter was 10mo old, we had my 2yo niece w/us and we were too tired to get everyone on! LOL!

  2. I am having to resist the urge to make all of my lists (and most of my blog posts) about Disney! Thanks for feeding my addiction....

    We just did Toy Story Mania in January and we all loved it! Also, Pop Century is our all-time favorite Disney hotel.

  3. You are making me want to go to Disney! :) I haven't been since I was a kid and I don't really remember anything.

  4. Your post has just made me more excited than I already am! Only 10 days to go for us!!!!
    I will now go and say hello to your friend. I look forward to hearing about her Disney Cruise when she gets back.

  5. It is such a wonderful, fun place! Great photos

  6. I went when I was 14 and I just LOVED Epcot Center! That was my favorite part of it all. I can only imagine how much cooler it would be with TODAY'S technology some 21 years later. Dang - that makes me OLD!

  7. Okay you are making me want to take my grandbabies to Disney more and more. LOL All three of them love Mickey but I think I will wait till they are all potty trained.