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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hannah Montana Movie

Two movies in one week...Wow! That's rare. We go months without going to the movies and we've gone twice in 1 week. How weird is that? Anyway....

The girls and I went to see the new Hannah Montana Movie tonight. It was pretty cute. I really enjoyed the music (which actually kinda surprised me). Of course, I love Billy Ray Cyrus so it was fun getting to watch him and listen to him sing. The two of them sang a duet together that was really good too. The story line was fun and it had a lot of the goofy stuff like her TV show does, but all in all it was a fun movie. I thought it was rather humorous that a lot of teens act like they're too cool to like Miley Cyrus, but it seemed like half my daughter's high school was there tonight. Pretty funny!

I would recommend it to anyone with young girls and even girls my daughter's ages. They had fun too (at least I think they did). Maybe they were just humoring me. lol

Anyway, it was a fun girls night out!


  1. I forgot all about it..I'm surprised the one monster wasn't bugging us to death to take her.

  2. nice to know that it was a good movie....not many out there these days!

  3. I just have to do a mommy/daughter day and take Riley to see that soon. =0) She's a definite FAN!

    You guys have a fabulous Easter!

  4. I have not been to a movie in months! I have got to get out more! Sounds fun!

  5. Sounds like a fun time with the girls! I keep waiting for some cute chick flicks to come out, hopefully it'll be soon. Happy Easter!


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