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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Little Bit of This and That!

Hubby's computer has been shipped and we're expecting as early as Wednesday!!! I'm not sure who's more excited; him or me! He's excited because he gets a new computer and I'm excited because for the first time I'll have my own. Woohoo!! No more having to wait my turn. Am I selfish or what ?!? I hope not!

We moved everything around in the house yesterday. The computer for the girls has been moved out into the great room and out of my bedroom. Plus we moved the buffet, the cedar chest and a desk. We moved our old computer stand out to the trash and someone stopped by last night and asked if they could have it. We said sure. Now 2 of us are happy!! hahaha

Since we did all that I got in the mood to start going through all my clothes and sorting them out to give away. I've got clothes in about 3 or 4 sizes !!! I keep going up and down! And I've got clothes I haven't worn in 3-4 years and I've got clothes people have given me that I've never worn. So I'm thinning them out. I went through a big box tonight and I have a whole big trash bag to give away. If I just keep working at it, I'll end up with some actual empty storage room in my house!! Wouldn't that be cool!?!

Hubby has been able to save all my pictures off the other computer. In fact, wouldn't you know after he took it to his office and set it up to finish copying everything on it, it started working and been working ever since!!! :)

Well I guess that's about the end of all I have to say right now. Have a good evening.



  1. "cleaning closets" Oh yeah! that is something I need to do!--
    now, where to begin? sweaters, shoes or purses? :)

  2. So it was your pictures that were slowing it down possibly???


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