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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project 365

Sara at Make Music From Your Heart has been doing Project 365 all year. I've been thinking about joining but never did until now. I only have pictures from 3 days. Hope that's okay Sara. I'll try to do better as a go along. Thanks for the opportunity to join in in Project 365. Here goes.
Saturday - A little girl out hunting Easter eggs at our churches 1st Community Easter Egg Hunt yesterday.
Thursday - My brother - we all got together at my mom and dads on Thursday night because my brother left on Friday for 5 months to hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. I think this is so awesome. I can't wait to hear all about. Also, we'd appreciate your prayers for his safety! I'll try to blog more about this at another time or when he sends us pictures!

Wednesday - Sunset from my back yard


  1. yea! I am so glad you joined us!!!

    wow, 5 months of hiking!! That is quite an undertaking. I will add him to my prayers.

  2. Wow! Five months hiking?! That's quite a goal. Will be fun to hear you share about his progress.

    I love sunset photos. Or sunrise :-)

  3. I really want to fully pour my heart into one of these projects too!

  4. So glad you joined in! I am a little sporadic in posting myself, but I do my best.

    I'm saying a prayer for your brother...that is an amazing undertaking! It sounds like something my husband would absolutely LOVE. You'll have to keep us posted on his progress!

  5. I knew a guy who hiked the Appalachian Trail and had an amazing adventure. He called periodically and his parents sent him supplies. It was a huge undertaking.

    Beautiful sunset!

  6. So glad you are joining in. Its lots of fun and only a little work that is totally worth it.

    I've hiked some of the trail that's in Maine. Its beautiful and fun, but I like to go back after and sleep in a bed! :)

  7. Great pictures. They tell a story that goes beyond just the photo! GLAD you are joining us.
    Five! Months!? omigoodness! That's called endurance.
    . . . wishing him safety and wonderful memories!

  8. Ditto on all the WOWs, what a hike that will be.

  9. Welcome !!!! I can't even imagine hiking that long!!!
    Blessings this week!!!

  10. thanks for the comment on the header... no one else had said anything! *smile*

  11. I wanted to do this, too, but the darn kit sold out too quickly! I know it can be done without it, but I am a kit kind of girl. It won't be completed if it's not all laid out for me!

  12. 5 months of hiking?!?! That sounds fun and really hard all at the same time! :

  13. I love to see pictures of your home and family!


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