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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project 365

Join Sara and everyone else for Project 365 . She said it's never too late to start. This is only my 2nd week. They are on week 15. They all made me feel very welcome when I joined in last week. Don't be afraid to start. Come join us!
I know I'm going backwards on my days, but that's the way I downloaded them, or the way Blogger downloaded them.

- We all attended a friend's 12th birthday party and the girls roller skated. We cracked up at KJS cause she put her skates on the wrong feet. Anyway, when she got them on right, she had a great time.
Friday - all the ladies were challenged to wear an Easter bonnet to Church on Sunday. The girls and I went out Friday night to a Salvation Army Thrift Store trying to find one. We had so much fun. I'll blog later this week with some pictures of the ladies at church on Easter morning. This is KLS trying one out. She didn't get this one.
Thursday - I got to sit down and watch my favorite reality show!! Yeah Survivor!
Wednesday - This is how my husband relaxes. He loves working all kinds of puzzles.
Tuesday - hopefully this was the last snow for this winter. I mean for goodness sakes, it's April!! Okay God, I'll quit complaining. I know you know best.
Monday - The girls are on Spring Break and this is what KJS was doing Monday night! Sitting wrapped up on the couch watching TV!!
Sunday - Hubby and I went Geo-caching in an old Pioneer Cemetery. I've lived around here my whole life and had never gone into this cemetery before. It was really neat and really old. I may blog more about this later too.


  1. awesome week!!!

    we have a lot in common!!.....I love survivor too and my husband loves to do puzzles! His favorites are crosswords or suduku.

  2. Great pics.....like you I hope this is the last snow fall too! Come-On spring! :)

  3. Your pictures are great this week!!! I am with you - bring on Spring!!

  4. Great photos...we like cemeteries too. The two places we lived in Michigan were literally just a block away from cemeteries. Very peaceful place to take walks :-)

    Y'all are getting more snow. It's fall here and HOT. Usually by this time it's cooling off but not this year.

  5. Oh, I'm right there with ya every Thursday night watching Survivor!!!

    Can't believe y'all wore Easter Bonnets to church on Sunday. Lookin' forward to THOSE pics!

  6. That hat idea is great...they are so much fun!

  7. Fun week! :)

    I hope ya'll had a great Easter!

  8. Yay! I love puzzles and skating and thrift stores. Looks like a fun week. God Bless!

  9. Hurray for the Salvation Army Thrift Store! Can’t go wrong there. :)

    Can’t say I agree, but my daughter over my shoulder at the strawberry colored leather/vinyl?? Sofa and wanting one just like it! Maybe when she can afford to buy one herself. It does look very comfy :)

    I like your shot of the cemetery. ...not so much into visiting them at night, but I do like photographing them during inclement weather. Guess I'm weird that way.

    Puzzles do keep the mind sharp!! I do Sudoku in bed every night.

  10. I agree...snow in April is just plain wrong! Love the idea of the hats. So fun and festive!

  11. I missed this post..great pics..


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