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Friday, April 24, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Tuesday night before our Ladies Bible Study someone came in and told us there was a rainbow outside. My daughter grabbed my camera and here's her picture. Click on the SkyWatch button above to view skies from all over the world.


  1. I can see the rainbow. Nice shot.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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  2. I think everyone saw this but me.. at one point I thought the sky looked like a big big rainbow but I didn't check out further..

  3. Great photo...very beautiful in a dark sky...

  4. beautiful!!! It is so bright at the bottom!!!

  5. Ahhhh, great shot!

    What a lovely ribbon through the sky. Great promise!

  6. Love rainbow shots! Thanks for sharing! Great capture!

  7. Great photo! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I have tried to capture rainbows but you can hardly see them. I CAN see yours!! Great job, I love it. Also liked your 8 things Meme. I don't think I get 8 things done in a day!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great photo!! The faint rainbow picture I got was on Wednesday. I think Tuesday was the huge whole arching double rainbow that was in the area. We were driving home from Kohl's on Wilmington pike when we seen it and of course no camera. By the time we got home it was just the ends visible like in your pic.
    Take care and have a great weekend!!

  10. Thanks for sharing the beautiful rainbow. We saw something similar at Disney which I will be sharing soon.
    I have set up a private blog for family pictures. I want to invite you to view it but I need your e-mail address to do so. Please can you leave me a comment stating your e-mail address? When I moderate my comments I will not publish it.

  11. What a pretty shot, I love rainbows!


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