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Friday, May 22, 2009

Art Show

KLS had an Art Show at he school last night. Below are the 6 pieces of artwork of hers that the teacher chose to put in the show. The 7th piece is the one we all thought should be put in, but it was not. We've kinda wondered it if was because of who it is. If you want to see these pictures larger, you can double click on any of them.

This is called a Photo Continuation. The little boy with the book is the photo and then the rest is what she imagined the picture should contain.

This is called Selective Coloring - The assignment was to pick an object and draw it using contour lines only and then to pick a symbol that represents the original object and draw that overtop of the lines and then parts have to be colored in. This is obviously the apple and the snake from the Garden of Eden.

This is called Picture Weaving. Take 2 pictures with a similar theme and weave them together. This is Daredevil and Elektra the Super Heroes.

This is called Image Distortion. Obviously it's Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

This is Scratch Board. It's originally a black board and you scratch off the black to engrave the image in the white underneath the black.

This is the one project KLS really hates, but I love this picture of her with her pastel portrait.

This is the one we all thought should have been in the show. Fingerprint Portrait. The whole painting is done entirely with fingerprints. KLS said she chose to do Jesus because she thought He deserved to be in the show somewhere. I mean Elvis was there and he's just the king, but Jesus is the King of Kings!!


  1. Yes, they are all her work.

  2. She has amazing talent! I love that she put Jesus in there, too!

  3. I TOTALLY agree! She is fabulous!!! I so enjoyed seeing her work. Stay with it girl!

  4. Her pictures are absolutely beautiful. She is extremely talented. I especially like the last one. I am sure she has a future in art. Thanks for sharing.


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