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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project 365

Click on the button above to join Sara and others participating in Project 365 which is taking a picture a day for a year. I started late, but Sara welcomed me anyway. She's says it's never too late to start. I couldn't post last week because of computer problems so I'm doing both weeks on this one post. Of course as always I missed a couple days, but here goes with what I have.

Monday-April 20 This is the office I am temporarily sharing!

Tuesday April 21 - A few magnolia blossoms.

Tuesday April 21 - This showed up just before our Esther Bible Study started. I love rainbows. Actually I didn't taken this picture, KLS did.

Wednesday, April 22 Some big clouds before the rain came. Again this is outside our church. We seem to always have really cool sky shots from our church parking lot. It sits up on a hill on the west side of town. The wind is always blowing and its just a really pretty area.

Thursday April 23 - This is on a nature trail some friends and I took while we were geocaching.

Friday, April 24 The cable wire that runs between the pole at the street and our house fell. Hubby and the neighbor propped it up so people could drive under in on the street, but it hung too low over our drive for us to go up our drive. This is KLS acting goofy for me so I could take a picture to show you how low it really was. But through it all I never lost internet access. Yeah!!!!

Saturday, April 25 The girls and I went and watched the high school performance of Footloose. They did a good job.

Monday April 27 On the way to school Kerri and I stopped and she put a bag of clothes in the donation box. We're gradually going through closets and storage boxes trying to clean things out.

Wednesday April 29 Kelli took a pictures of our beautiful dandelion weeds. We planted some grass seed a couple weeks ago and can't put down the weed killer until we let the grass grow a little more, so this is what we have. A yard full of dandelions.

Thursday April 30 Hubby got his new computer today and I got his. So this is my new computer now. I am having so much fun having my own computer that I can use anytime I want. Like right now at 11:45 on Saturday night, know I have to get up early for church and finish getting my Sunday School lesson ready. When will I ever learn to go to bed earlier on Saturdays. lol

Friday May 1 Hubby and the girls bought Guitar Hero on sale for $30 at Big Lots. They have been wanting this for a long long time (the girls, not hubby) Here's KLS acting goofy for me again. This girl is always game for doing crazy things for the camera. Hey and she's pretty good at Guitar Hero. Now me, that's a different story. I haven't even gotten past the practice stage yet. hahaha

Friday May 1 Wild Strawberries growing in our yard. The look good don't they.

Saturday May 2nd. My favorite place in the yard.


  1. wow, your swing in the backyard is beautiful! i'd spend a lot of time there, too.

  2. Wow, lots of good shots to show us your week. =0)

    What happens if you FORGET to take a picture one day???

  3. Great pictures! The rainbow is beautiful and I love the swing. Great place to sit and think.

  4. fun to see into your life in pics!!! love them!

  5. those are GREAT pictures!!!

    You were kidding when you said a "yard full of dandelions!" ha!

    you really got guitar hero for $30. I will have to check big lots out b/c my boys really want that too!

    love the swing! looks so peaceful!

  6. Great job catching up!
    Love magnolias.
    Wild strawberries--postcard worthy photo.
    I loved the dandelion photo. Dandelionas always remind me of two things:
    1) my grandfather loved dandelion greens with bacon dressing
    2) when we lived in Austria you could be fined for allowing them to grow in your yard! I say don't move to Austria.
    And the geocaching spot is beautiful. My husband and grandkids have done that.
    Finally, the swing a favorite spot! We have one just like that on our deck.

  7. janhaddix@sbcglobal.netMay 3, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    The strawberries look good enough to eat,& I don't even like strawberries, haha...

  8. Such great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I loved looking at all the pics!

  10. I do believe that swing could become my favorite place in the yard too :-) I was salivating at the strawberries! YUM All your photos are so good. Looks like you had a great week! Praying that this coming one is just as good.

  11. I love all of the pics, but the header pic of the castle looks like a postcard!!

  12. I really enjoyed these beautiful pictures. I love your porch and your garden swing seat. Thanks for sharing.
    Glad you have your own computer and are enjoying it.


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