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Thursday, June 11, 2009


KLS is at camp this week. She had her last exam on Monday and then left for camp on Tuesday. This week she is a counselor for the Middler Camp. She absolutely loves camp and will actually be there almost the whole month of June. She'll come home on Friday and then she has her ACT Test on Saturday morning (she's taking it again to see if she can get a higher score). Saturday afternoon she goes back to camp to help with a 6 hour camp for the disabled. Then on Monday she goes to Senior High Camp as a camper. She comes home Friday and then the following Monday is KJS's camp and KLS will be a counselor. So both will be gone that week all week.

They had quite the adventure last night when one of the campers in her friend's cabin got sick all over everything (if you get my drift without me having to get graphic). We only live about 15 minutes away from the camp so they came to our house today to wash the bedding that got messed up. We took it back to them tonight after church. While I was there I took a couple pictures of the grounds and thought I'd show them to you.

We're heading to Columbus for the day to shop and go to lunch and who knows, maybe new haircuts for me and KJS. Be back this evening to catch up on your blogs! Have a great day.

PS: Speaking of shopping, you've got to check out Nina's guest speaker's post at PortugalBound. Hilarious!


  1. How fun! She will be tired but very fulfilled. I love church camp, but mine was about 5 hours away! How lucky that you are so close to camp and get to help with "clean up"...

  2. Nice looking campground!

    Have fun shopping, Cathy! I'd sooooo rather be out getting my hair cut or shopping today. =0(

  3. my baby (9yrs old) goes to camp with his brother for the first time next week!!!!! *sigh*

  4. What a beautiful place for a camp. Hope you have had a lovely day shopping etc.

  5. Hope you had a fun day! Looks like a great camp.


  6. How fun! I used to love going to camp and wanted to be a counselor. :) Sounds like a fun and busy month!


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