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Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Addicted

Yes, it's true. I'm addicted to Farmtown on Facebook. I resisted for a long time, but I fell victim to it last week and now I'm hooked. That's part of the reason I haven't been on here as much lately. Have you tried it yet. It's actually a lot of fun. But before I realize it, I've spent an hour playing with that little farm.
Hi, my name is Cathy and I'm a Farmtown Addict!! hahaha


  1. My addiction is BEJEWLED BLITZ on FB. It's what I can't get enough of! I haven't tried the farm thing. =0) Maybe its best I don't!?!

  2. I was thinking that I could have a "will" email set to send to one of you... and I could just keep delaying it a week at a time. Then if I died, it wouldn't get delayed and it would finally actually send. My luck, I'd forget to delay it and one of you would get this horrible email saying I'd died and then I'd be "Ooops...sorry, just forgot to delay that email this week. Disregard!" ha ha ha

  3. Hmmmm? I haven't checked this out yet.

  4. oOoOo maybe I should post screen shots of Diner Dash...

  5. I could never get into those Facebook games.....

    I know.....I'm lame!

  6. No, I have never played a game on facebook. I just go on and read the statuses and comment. Nice farm though, lol!

    Funny that your daughter's feet and mine are "talkers," lol!~

    ~ Nan

  7. LOL, I felt the same way about Yo'ville on FB at first. When someone sent an invitation for the farm app, I figured I'd better steer clear as I don't really need another way to spend more time on the computer. My fascination dwindled after a couple weeks once I got my apartment all decorated. My guess is that you'll get your farm looking the way you want and then only check in once a week or so.

  8. I was previously addicted to Simcity as a kid, then the Sims, but eventually, real life at Isthar's Ark took over. Will try the Farmlife thing when I go to Sweden and am far away from all my animals! :-)


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