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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
And if you have a "Memory Lane" post, head on over to Scottsville to join in on the fun!

I didn't go back as far as I have in some of my past Memory Lane posts. This is the girls and me at Disney in 2004.


  1. Love it!!!! Where was that, was that at World of Disney? Your girls are so pretty as are you! The princesses have got nothing on you!

  2. Oh, Riley would SOOOOOO love to go there! =0)

    Someday my friend. Someday!

    Thanks for going on my walk with me today! AND for your sweet email. {hugs}

  3. I want to take my kids to Disney. I think I really just want to go myself. I've never been. You guys look very happy in the picture, like you were having a great time.


  4. Disney is my kids favorite!!!! We have been there 4 times in 4 years! Yikes...;)

    Thanks for your comment today! I love getting comments...it keeps me going! And cooking + Tarah = BAD~


  5. My girls would love this. I'm sure they're just the right age now.

  6. Where was that taken? Since I have boys, I never pay any attention to ANYTHING princess. BUT...since we are going next month with my entire family, I know all of my nieces would love to have their picture taken there!
    Don't you just love looking at previous trip pictures?

  7. Disney always holds good memories and I you don't have to go back far to see how quick the kids grow! I was going to ask if you lived near Disney, but see you live in ohio, I'm only 2 hours away from Disney and my kids have only been once!

  8. I love Disney World! We haven't been there in years- but have been there 5 times in almost as many years! The boys loved it when they were younger! (I may have to dig some of my old Disney pics out for a futer Memory Lane.)

  9. disney shots are timeless...
    love your pic
    what fun i know you had!

  10. Blogged over via Scottsville! Great picture! I {heart} Disney, a lot! I have been to both the World and the Land and lov'em both! Great memory!

  11. What a happy, fun looking photo!

    Thanks for visiting me on Memory Lane, yesterday. I am a bit slow getting back.



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