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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last week was fun week for flowers. It started with my brother giving his wife a dozen yellow roses for her birthday. See aren't they beautiful
Then my sister gave me the pink roses pictured in an earlier post. Then we bought and planted the flowers outside our home. The baskets were in a previous post and then there are marigolds and gerber daises and wave petunias, etc.

My dad gathered these peonies from my brother's yard and put them in the vase and brought them to church so we had fresh flowers up in front during Sunday service a week ago. He actually did 2 bouquets. He asked if I wanted these and of course I said yes. Aren't they beautiful. The vase is mom's and dad told her I was going to keep the vase because I had told him I loved it. He was only teasing her, but she told me to keep it because it had sat in the garage for the last year without being used. I was so thrilled. I absolutely love this vase. Now I need to get some more flowers to put in it.
Then after the 8th grade graduation where we served the cake and punch they gave me a blue dyed carnation. I seldom receive flowers and then to get that many in a week or two was awesome! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Love the flowers. Yellow roses make me think of my wedding.

    BTW, my post today has the answer to your question about reviewing books!

  2. So can you send some of them MY WAY??? =0)

    They're all beautiful and I do remember your post last week with the other flowers.

  3. The flowers are all beautiful!!!


  4. Your flowers are gorgeous. Love the yellow roses they look so bright and sunny.

  5. There's nothing like flowers to brighten your day! I enjoyed your photos! Hope you are doing well and having a good week. What happen to our warm weather here? It feels like Fall today! LOL


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