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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Project 365

Click on the button above to join in with Project 365 at Sara's and/or to look at others' Project 365 photos. Sara says it's never too late to join. I started late, but I'm having fun along with everyone else.
Sunday, June 14 - Another picture of the skydivers.

Monday, June 15 - Now this is my idea of home cooking! lol

Wednesday, June 17 - A beautiful pink rose.

Thursday, June 18 - Blackberries on KLS' blackberry bush. Can't wait til they ripe. This is about the 3rd year she's had this bush and usually she just gets a few berries. This year the bush is loaded!!

Friday, June 19 - Hubby's peppers! They're really tiny, but they're starting to grow.

Saturday, June 20 - I bought some light blue baby yarn today. I'm going to make an afghan for a friend (Jan, don't tell Jessie in case I mess it up) It's been several years since I've done much crocheting. Been itching to do it again and this is the perfect opportunity.


  1. great week!!!

    I love fresh blackberries. we have a farm where we pick them in July!! I have THE BEST blackberry cobbler recipe if you are interested!

  2. would love to one day sky dive...but i doubt it will ever happen.
    those blackberries are beautiful...i'd be eager, too!

    my friend recently planted her garden and we're eagerly waiting to see how hers comes out this year

    thanks for coming by
    one senior mom to another!

  3. Great pictures. I love that rose, so pretty. Nothing better than fresh food you grow yourself. The blackberries sound so good !

  4. That is definitely my idea of "Home Cooking", too! With kids, it's GREAT!!!


  5. Can't wait to see the afghan, & I promise, I won't tell. :o)

  6. Those blackberries are going to be delicious.


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