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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shopping, Eating and Fun Day

Thursday, I took the day off work and hubby, KJS and I went to Columbus. We shopped and ate and just had some fun. We too KJS to 2 or 3 Plato's Closets. Platos Closet is a teen used clothing store. We buy almost all of the girls jeans here. You can get brand name jeans for $10-$14, which saves a bundle from buying them new. So the girls can end up owning 10-15 pairs of jeans as compared to 5 or 6. They love it, because I would never pay what it costs to buy some of those brand names new! Then hubby and I went to a couple of Half Price Book Stores. We seldom ever buy a new book. We either go here or buy them used online somewhere. I just hate to pay new prices when I can get the same thing (gently used) for a lot less money. Anyway, next we went to the Easton Mall.

This is such a neat place. Part of the mall is and indoors mall and part of it is outdoors made to look like a small town. We love this place. Above are some pictures looking out over the indoors part and below are pictures from outside.

Here's KJS in her height of glory! There's nothing she likes better than shopping.

They had these little trolley cars going around to take people from place to place. It's really spread across a pretty big area.

Here's a picture from the train display they had. They had at least 4 or 5 different trains and tracks running in the display.

These guys were cracking us up playing in the water fountain. For awhile one of the guys had on a football helmet trying not to get his head wet, I guess. They were too funny.

On the way home, we stopped and at supper here. It's an Amish style restaurant and the salad bar was awesome!

This picture was on the back of a big truck in their parking lot. And yes, I bought a whoopie pie and took it home for later. Wow!! Those things are delicious!

These flowers were outside the restaurant. Just thought I'd add a little color. It was a very grey day outside, but we had a great time! We hope to go back again before the summers over.


  1. What fun -- shopping! The pictures are beautiful. I always enjoy going to Amish places; farms, restaurants, stores, etc. This looks like an awesome area to spend some time!

  2. Oh Riley and I love going shopping together... when we have a little $$$! =0)

    Looks like an awesome place!!

  3. Looks like tons of fun...love that indoor-outdoor mall! I'm not much of a shopper, but like going to places like that. Seems like your daughter had fun. : )

    Hmmm, Der Duchman in Ohio? Love the one in Indiana! Did you have PIE ?!

    So, tell me, why do y'all like Disney so much, really...I've never been. We are thinking about going soon.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the 5 Moms blog for my ironic post. I appreciate the comments. I would get along so good with your daughter...I love to shop too. So much fun and theraputic. :)

  5. what a fun day!!!!

    We had plato's closet in IN, but not here in AR!!! I do miss it!!

  6. platos closet is a new phenomenon around here. one just opened up where i live and i LOVE it!!

    and what a cool mall! i love the indoor/outdoor idea.
    looks like ya'll had a great time!

  7. Except for the Disney store (I know, it's such a shock), I don't shop at malls very often. I do love malls, however, and that one looks really cool!

    Those whoopie pies look scrumptious!!

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by earlier! I took the picture of the rose in the rain while holding my camera out the window with the screen popped out!!!

    It looks like it was a wonderful day! The barn with OHIO written on it looks familiar... maybe a title photo from a sky watch blog.
    Also love the red phone booth! Don't see many of those (of any sort) around anymore! Almost everyone has a Cellphone!
    Hope your week is great! ~Maria
    p.s. my word verification is 'crown'

  9. My daughter would love those teen clothing stores and my husband would love the book stores. Looks like a great place to shop. Like the sound of the amish restaurant too.

  10. K's hair is cute in this pic.. and did you get the geocache in Waynesville.


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