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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Car

Well we finally got it. It's a 2005 Buick LaCrosse,really low mileage; and I'm the one that gets to drive it!!! Hubby is going to drive my van (it's beside the car in the picture below) and KLS will be driving hubby's old Buick LeSabre in just a couple months! I really did try to get hubby to take the new car and let me keep driving the van, but he wants me in the car. So I'll be driving the car. Woohoo!!! I swear, I must have the world's sweetest man!


  1. I bet K is happy she gets her own wheels.

  2. I am starting something new on Sunday.. Let's see if it goes anywhere.. Show me Whatcha got Sunday.

  3. Wow...What a Ride!!

    What a sweetie pie hubby you have!!

  4. I like it. That is one nice car. Gotta love low mileage too.

  5. Oh, nice! Very sleek looking. I know you've got to be super excited. Does it have that new car smell inside?????

    Mmmmmm, love that smell! Mine usually smells like spilled soda, dirty socks, and sweaty teens. Lovely! Bet you really wanna go for a ride with me now, don't ya?

  6. Sweet ride!! and what a sweet hubby to let it be your ride!!
    Take care


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