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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Once again, I didn't get very many pictures for Project 365 and those that I did take I showed in previous blogs. So I won't be posting this week for that. Anyway the below pictures were taken yesterday while we were out shopping. These pictures are painted on the side of the Miami Township Police Department Building. Aren't they awesome.


  1. I love these and the ones in Franklin... awesome...

  2. Cathy, these are soooo cooool...
    Really... I feel like I'm looking through the building to the sweet settings... The artist really did phenomenal job!
    Lucky town!
    Take care! ~Maria

  3. Wow they are amazing. They look like they are small paintigs until you look and see the edges of the buildings and then realise how huge they are. As we look out of our rear windows we see the brick side wall of another house and there are no windows in it. How I would love a realistic scene painting like that, perhaps the ocean. Sadly I am not sure the owners would approve!

  4. Oh wow, those are GREAT! Just painting the BRICKS alone had to take FOREVER?!

    Awesomely done though.

  5. You are so welcome for the tips and tricks! Hope ya get some use of them. =0)


  6. Those are great! The detail is amazing.


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