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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

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This is another one of the photos in the old files at work. Obviously it was from my birthday, probably back in the mid to late 80's would be my guess. This was an old polaroid someone scanned. Look at that hair! And to think I did that on purpose. I paid for perms to make it do that. lol


  1. OH don't worry Cathy! Back in the day, we ALLL did that. I can't IMAGINE giving Riley a perm, yet my mom gave me perms all the time at her age. WEIRD?!

    Aren't you glad that fads go OUT of style? =0)

  2. You looked just like my MOM did in the late 80's!!

    Great photo!!

  3. I was a fellow queen of permed hair. wow, now I spend that much just coloring it! at least we aren't stuck in the 80's hair and still doing that!

  4. your hair is too funny!!

    mine would look that that naturally...I would pay to have mine straightened!

  5. I paid for many a perms too! Only mine was all the way down my back and big fluff. LOL

  6. I had many a perm over a 25 year period - and my hair looked a lot like yours in the mid-80s. Yours looked better than mine - I referred to mine as "cottonball hair" - lol!

  7. Yeah ... I did the perms too. It's OK. We all did.

  8. Hi, Cathy~

    I feel left out....I never had a perm. However, I did have a Pixie cut! (short, short, short, short, short, short, short hair) Oh, did I mention it was SHORT? lol

    You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now! :> )


  9. Hi Cathy
    I had a perm just like that. Thanks for sharing the picture. I also enjoyed the pictures from the Aquarioum. It looks a great place to visit.


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