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Friday, September 25, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Click on the button above to view/and or add your own beautiful sky pictures from all over the world.

These two pictures are from one of my most favorite places in the world. Disney World's Magic Kingdom! I think the skies are always bluer in the Magic Kingdom!
This picture is taken from Main Street USA looking at the main entrance or the train station.

Of course, this is from the other end of Main Street USA looking at Cinderella's Castle and the statue of Walt and Mickey!


  1. These are beautiful shots of a fun place to visit. I like how the flag commands the attention in the first photo...beautiful skies also...

  2. They are bluer! I wish I was looking at those skies right now:)

  3. Oh, that bottom picture is gorgeous!!!

    I have SOOOOO got to take Riley there. If it weren't for $$$$$!


  4. Oh I think I've mentioned how much we love Disney World before. Or Disney Land for that matter.

    We are saving to go there in a couple of years. It takes us about four years to save for a trip to Disney World but we love it!

  5. Such a happy place! I'll never forget the light parade at the end of the day (Disney Land, CA) I felt like a little girl inside!
    thanks for bringing back a sweet memory ~ Maria

  6. Ahh, fun times!! :) Beautiful blue sky to go along with that fun day.

  7. That is a magical sight, wonderful blue skies over one of my favorite Happy places too...

    Enjoy your weekend, Pam :)

  8. Cathy: I remember the view and we had a gray day at the park with rain, it was still fun.


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