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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I ♥ Faces

WEEK 39 - October 5th - "My Favorite Things"

I Faces is taking a little break this week and not having the contest. Instead they have asked that we share "My Story In Photos" feature…with the theme of “My Favorite Things.” So here are a few of my favorite things. Not necessarily in any particular order.

My husband

Both of us together




Disney World

The American Flag and our country.

Our home decorated for Christmas

Beautiful Flowers

The Fall

Beautiful clouds


  1. Great list & pictures. I love fall and beautiful clouds too. That is why I love your sky pictures.

  2. You have so many good pictures! Your wedding picture is great - you both look so happy! Of course, i love the Disney and fall pictures, too!

  3. Love your list and they are great pictures!!!

    Fall is my all time favorite!!!!

  4. Those are ALL good things. I like your house decorated for Christmas, too!

  5. All the best things in life... love of family... warm and welcoming home ... joyfilled days ...
    So much to be thankful for~
    Happy weekend, Cathy!
    ps. the last photo of the clouds is cute... we call the ones that look like that :kissing clouds:

  6. So many great photos. I loved your wedding photo!


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