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Thursday, October 8, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Here are some photos of the skies from my area in the last few weeks. Click on the button above and check out skies from other parts of the world and/or add some photos of your own.

The above little pond is behind the church where my youngest attends school. I didn't even know it was there until the other day, someone at work told me about it. Kerri was finishing a volleyball practice and I decided to walk back and check it out. It's really pretty and the skies were nice that day too.

I thought this was a neat looking cloud. I took this a few weeks ago. I hope I haven't already shown it. But I really like it.

I always like trying to take a picture of the sun. I think this almost looks like I'm in a plane taking a picture. However, I can guarantee you my feet were firmly on the ground.


  1. Such a lovely skies!

    Have great weekend.


  2. I like your big cloud, too! Kinda looks like someone sitting and reading a book. Awesome shot of the sun! I've never tried that.

  3. yes, the last pic looks like you're on a plane. i like big clouds with different formations. NIce captures!

  4. They are all delightful sky shots. The last one is simply heavenly, well done.

  5. Beautiful sky shots. That pond is pretty.

  6. The second one is my favorite. Just beautiful. The sky is just so interesting.

  7. Really nice cloud shot. Amazing how many shapes and sizes

  8. Cathy: Beauty can be found in the oddest places. Just when you think you know what is there up pops a jewel.

  9. I love happy clouds. Great shots!

  10. Great pictures. I enjoyed seeing your skies.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I can't remember what blue skies look like. We've been GLOOMY and GRAY for the last two weeks, it seems. But we NEEDED the rain, so I can NOT complain for an answer to prayers. =0)


  12. Awesome skywatch photos!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my Skywatch Friday Photo.

    - Pixellicious Photos