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Monday, November 2, 2009

Have You Ever...

I "stole" this from Linda at Mocha with Linda. She borrowed it from some one else. Seems I've been doing a lot of "stealing" lately. Hmmmm...Now you all know this is all in fun and not real stealing. Right? Right?!? Ok then!!

Have you ever. . .

1. Been pulled over? Yes. 3 or 4 times. But for some reason they've never issued me a citation. Hallelujah! Cause I certainly deserved them. It was always for speeding except one time my temporary tag had fallen out of the window and they gave me a written warning for that. So, yes I've been stopped, but I still have a clean driving record. :)

2. Dyed your hair? Nope. Bleached it many times and still lighten it some almost every summer with "Sun-In".

3. Pulled an all-nighter? Sure, because I've worked lots of midnight shifts and also because my husband used to be a youth minister when we first married and we did all-nighters with the youth group all the time.

4. Fallen down in public? Probably, but I can't rememeber anything specific.

5. Broken a bone? No

6. Had braces? No, but I wish I had.

7. Built something out of wood? Yes, bunny shaped Easter baskets for the kids at church.

8. Been to Disneyland? No. But I've been to Walt Disney World many times. Take a look at my header (I took this picture in summer 2008) and also my sidebar, if you want to read about and see pictures from that trip.

9. Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut? Oh my yes. I love them and it's something we usually save for when we are on vacation to keep them special.

10. Screamed during a scary movie? Yes, but usually I hide my face because I can't stand to be scared.

11. Been to a professional sporting event? Cincinnati Reds' Baseball

12. Slept till noon? Yes.

13. Been arrested? No

14. Opened Christmas presents early? Yes, but only with permission and usually only if we were going to be gone for Christmas. Does Christmas Eve count? We open with my parents on Christmas Eve always now that we are all adults.

15. Rolled down a hill? Yes. I did it as a kid and I've also done it with my kids when they were little. I always loved doing this.

16. Toilet papered someone’s house? Nope

17. Laughed so hard you cried? Yep.

18. Gotten seasick? I've gotten nauseous but never anything more.

19. Shared a sucker with your dog? Yes, but she only gets it when I'm finished. I won't eat it after her.

20. Been in an accident? Yes

21. Ridden in a limo? No

22. Had a pet fish? Yes

23. Been ice skating? Yes, in fact I took lessons for awhile. But it's probably been 10-15 years since I've had skates on.

24. Locked your keys in the car? Yes - 2 or 3 times.

25. Ridden a horse? Yes. We used to own one called Honeybunch and she was really old and swaybacked. She hated to be ridden, but we kids did it anyway. When heading away from the barn, she would walk real slow, but when heading back to the barn she'd run as hard as she could go. Then we'd turn her around and she plod along real slow. It was really pretty funny.

So tell me: Have YOU ever?


  1. Hi Cathy
    I enjoyed reading your 'have you evers'!
    I would love to do 8 & 15. What exactly is 16? Sounds very strange!

  2. #1 & 2...YEP

    #9 shoould be against the law...just sayn!

  3. i saw this on linda's too and thought I will have to do it...maybe tomorrow!!

    really you've never TPd someone's house...I thought everyone had done that at least once!!! :)

  4. That was fun getting to know you better. I liked this. I wish i have never had to dye my hair. Ugh...like every three weeks.

  5. I think this is your year for a limo ride ;)


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