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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mr. Fix-it

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. He can preach a sermon, teach a Bible Study, play the piano and the bass guitar and he has the voice of an angel. You don't believe me, just ask anyone in our congregation. They'll tell you the same. However, he is not a fix-it type person. I grew up with a daddy who can build furniture and houses and can fix almost anything (except a car). So when hubby couldn't do that, it took a little getting used to.

So if you want a wedding performed, or a funeral preached, or a beautiful song sung, call my hubby. But if you want something fixed, we call my daddy. That is, until tonight. Tonight, my hubby decided to fix our washer. The top half of the agitator had quit working. He got online and read about it and then ordered the parts and they came in to day. And people, I want you to know something. He fixed it! And it only took about 15 minutes. There were no injuries and nothing got broken and no yellin' or cussin' (mind you he's never cussed before so I really wasn't expecting him to tonight either) or nothing.

He just followed the directions....hard to believe a man actually read and followed directions, isn't it? But I just did a big load of towels and it worked wonderfully well.

So now, if you want a revival preached or a Sunday school lesson taught or a washer fixed, just call my hubby! Mr. Fix-it!


  1. lol lucky you, I had to show mine how to put a door knob on.

  2. That is so cute. Funny my hubs is not Mr. Fix it either...but if you need a coach you can give him a call:) Glad your hubs fixed the washer...he must be proud.

  3. Too funny... Maybe G will call him tomorrow when he is fixing the dish washer..

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your preacher man!!

    (My hubby is the same way!)

  5. That's fantastic! Jeff is not a Mr. Fix-It either. I tell him that he is an engineer (computer) by degree only. Meanwhile, it's okay with me to keep the local plumbers and such in business!

  6. Oh, my hubs is the guy that writes the check for the Mr Fix it dude LOL...;)

    Love your new header..way to go Miti!!! ;)

  7. lucky you...my DVD player still blinks 12:00!!!

    The hubs is handy with everything except any kind of electronic device...that's when we just scream for our 13 year old to come and fix it!!!

    Sad...but oh so true!

  8. Congrats on getting your washer fixed! When I married my husband, he didn't know how to fix anything. He got books from the libary and studied up. Now he can do plumbing, electrician jobs, woodworking, you name it! I guess it's sort of like cooking. If you know how to read, you can cook a gourmet meal!

  9. awe! what a cute post!

    happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love this one Cathy!!
    hmmmmm, wonder if that will make its way into a sermon :)

  11. Hey Cathy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it's taken me 3 days to get back to you. I've still be fighting with getting my button to work. I am definitely not computer literate when it comes to this kind of thing. I've had 2 different precious ladies try and help me, but to know avail. Anyway, our trip was a blast! If you go though, be prepared to spend plenty of money. I don't think there is anything entertainmentwise for under $20.00-$50.00 per person. Then of course you have the hotel room and eats. We were there for 4 days, and it costed us between $1400-1500.00 for 2 of us. Needless to say it is a once in a life-time thing for us.

    Thanks again!


  12. Congrats on the acquisition of your new Mr. Fix-It. LOL My dad was the same - he could do ANYTHING. I will unabashedly admit that my hubby can fix or make anything too. And I love it!!! :) :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Cathy!! :)


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