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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Project 365 Week 2

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Week 2 January 3-January 9 2010 was a quiet week for us. Everybody back at school and work after the holidays. Of course, the girls got 2 snow days.

Sunday - Lily out in the back yard. You can see there's just a little dusting of snow.
Monday - Lily let me take a picture of her actually looking into the camera. Usually she runs when she here's the camera turn on. Guess she doesn't like the flash. But Monday for the 1st time she just sat there and looked at me. Love it!
Tuesday - Kelli was at work, but Tracy, Kerri and I had breakfast for supper. That's my favorite time to eat breakfast. Kerri was cold so she had her Ohio State blanket wrapped around her. Of course the reason she's cold is she has on a summer T-shirt. Go figure!
Wednesday - I got this book for Christmas and I'm reading it right now. So far, it's very interesting. I can't imagine living in Alaska.
Thursday - Lily coming in from outside. She's covered in snow and we probably have about 3-4 inches by then.

Friday - riding into work. Still lots of snow. No school for the kids, but I still have to work.
Saturday - Kerri and I were watching the movie "Fireproof" and I was working on this scarf. I need to keep busy on it if I plan to have it finished before summer.

Why not join in on the fun and play along with us. 1 picture a day for 365 days.


  1. The snow is so pretty. But I know it's a pain!

    Love the scarf you're making. Are you knitting it? Seems like it would be hard with all the "fluff" in the yarn!

  2. your Lily is so sweet!!! my Lily doesn't like the camera either!

    I be curious to see what you think of the book when you are finished.

    still very glad we don't have any snow!

  3. Awww.Lily finally let you get her pic.. Tobacco worms sister is looking good.. I should dig my stuff out and make one.

  4. Hi Cathy!
    I'm enjoying each photo!
    Love the dog pics!
    Love breakfast for dinner (I could eat pancakes anytime)!
    I think Sarah Palin is very brave to enter politics... People get ravaged in the news these days!
    Yes... lots of snow here in the Northeast!
    LOVED "Fireproof" and God bless those who made it!
    Stay Warm!

  5. Those were great. WE got that snow too, but our kids had school. :(

  6. great doggies shots...
    love your scar!
    I'll have to get Sarah's book...

  7. That's funny. Trying to finish the scarf by summer...
    You have a beautiful dog, too. What breed is she?

  8. Lily is just a mutt. We got her from a shelter. We believe she's part sheltie, but the vet says she has a very wide family tree. lol

  9. Lily is adorable! What kind of dog is she?

    I would hate to have to drive to work in the snow. Blech!

    Beautiful scarf!

  10. I would REALLY like to read that book. And I LOVE the scarf!

  11. Your dog is precious! Dogs with wide family trees make some of the best pets. ;) Great scarf, you crafty mama! I have that book too... trying to read it now. And breakfast for dinner is the best!

  12. looks really cold where you are! that scarf is just beautiful, i hope you finish it in time to wear it! i used to have a dog that looked like yours, it's a collie right? mine was white though, they are great dogs.

  13. I really like the scarf. How are you making it? Is it knitting? I crochet and am making myself a scarf as well. I have had the same thought about finishing mine before summer as yours. :) Not sure I will. Oh well, will have it for next winter...maybe. Will be back next week!

  14. Awesome. I tried to get a good one of my dog, Misa, but it didn't work. We had some odd moments with her this past week. She doesn't like being wet. She's ok with the snow and cold, she just doesn't like being wet! Great show this week Cathy.