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Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Project 365 Week 5

This is our week. Last week I made the comment, "Nothing much exciting..." and then Kelli had an accident this week. So I'll just say God was with us all week and then say...Why don't you click the button above and join in on the fun with the rest of us at Sara's

Sunday 1/24/2010
  Came in from church Sunday night and had McDonalds for supper.

 Monday 1/25/2010
 Received this in the mail.  A Disney Trip Planning DVD.  We hope to go this summer, but don't know if it will become a reality.  But we order DVD because it gives us a little free Disney magic until we can go. 

 Tuesday 1/26/2010
 Kelli's car on the wrecker.  You can see the damage a little better here.

 Wednesday 1/27/2010
 I'm reading this book that I received from Cathy at Voice of Truth from a giveway I won in December.  Thanks Cathy I'm really enjoying reading it. 

Thursday 1/28/2010 
Beautiful blue skies.  I just had to take a picture because we haven't had much of this recently.

 Friday 1/29/2010
 I won this Sonic gift card from Jamie at Six Bricks HighThanks Jamie!  We haven't used it yet, but I'm sure we will soon!!!  I'm feeling the need for a Lemon Berry Slushie!

Saturday 1/30/2010 

Kerri showing her hair after her sister curled it.

She's trying to decide whether to let it grow long or get it cut short again.  I told her I'd post a picture of both and get your all's opinion too.  So let her know what you think.


  1. My mom has been here this past week. She and I were trying to explain to Andrew that when I was young, McD's after church on Sunday was a SPLURGE for us. He wasn't having any part of it!

    Ah, the Disney Planning DVD...gotta love the free Disney fix!

    Kelly's car makes me wince. I am so glad she was okay! We got our own snow here, and frankly, I'm ready for it to go away! (and yet the mud may stay forever, lol)

  2. Ok...love McDonalds...cause I don't have to cook. Disney sounds so fun. Sorry about the car again but I am glad Kelli was ok.
    Love both hair cuts, but I am partial to the short sassy cuts. But only because mine is short. Love to have long hair just to be able to pull it in a pony tail:)

  3. You've been quite the blog contest winner lately! LOL

    It's hard to tell completely on the hair since the short one doesn't have a face view, but I think both cuts look cute from the angles I can see.

    LOL - and the word verification on this comment is prettee!

  4. I haven't been to McDonalds in years....I love that and don't miss it! ha!

    yea, for sun...it finally came out today here too!!!

    I love the short cut, but then again at her age i would have liked the long hair. Not much help I know!

  5. The only time we ever got McD's after church was when the hamburgers were on sale for 29cents each. Daddy would pick up a dozen and we'd take them home and eat them with chips and Shasta cola. THAT was a big splurge!!

    My kids would DIE if I made them eat chips with a burger...and they wouldn't be satisfied with just a hamburger either. *sigh*...so spoiled!

    and I like the short hair!!

  6. Ahh - blue skies! Yep, something we havent seen much of lately!


    You can see more of the damage - dang it!

    I like the shorter hair... I think she's so young, pull it off now & be SASSY while she can! :)

  7. one of our favorite things to do as dd was growing up was watching the Disney travel dvd...
    I'm loving the short look
    very cute and sassy :)

  8. Cathy! Please stop by to pick up an award have for you!

  9. You won a lot of stuff! Good for you!
    Sorry about the car, but glad all are safe.
    I am partial to short hair. She has such a pretty face, I think that would emphasixe it even more.
    Great week!

  10. I am sorry to hear about the car accident but glad that Kelli was ok.
    Great pics of the rest of your week. :)

  11. Ouch about the accident. I remember my first one at age 16 - I was driving to the orthodontist & was trying to turn on the defroster at the same time I was taking an access ramp to get on the interstate - NOT a good idea! I took out a reflector post & went down into the grassy area between the roads. Only a small dent in the car & I was able to continue on to the orthodontist...

    I like the shorter hair - it just looks really sassy.

  12. I love the blue sky picture!

    I like the short cut but your daughter's hair is pretty long too. Kinda what girls do...grow our hair, cut it, grow it, cut it : )

  13. what a winner! What's your secret?
    Bet that was to offset the car damage :(

    I vote for short.

  14. WE love McD's here too! And we love Disney just as much! Been to both the 'World' and 'Land'! And I really liked the stacked hair cut...I want to get my hair cut like that but I am chicken!


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