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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work

Well Christmas break is over and it's time to go back to school and work. Kelli is already gone for the day (man it's so nice that she's driving now and we don't have to take her that early. Looks like Kerri is ready (she's on FB right now while she's waiting on me to finish getting ready). Hubby is ready (and he's waiting on me too because I have to drop him off at the church since he left his van there last night). So now, I guess it's up to me. I must quit putting it off and go finish getting ready and go back to work.

I must say I have enjoyed being off (for the most part-I worked 3 days) the last 2 weeks. I think I could get used to being retired real easy. I didn't get too bored ever. There always seemed to be plenty to keep me occupied. Yep, I think I could retire with no problems. But alas, I guess it's not time yet. Yes I have more than enough years in the system to retire, but unfortunately I don't have enough money in the bank to retire. Not with 2 kids still in school! Now, don't get me wrong...I'm very grateful to have a job. I know there are many people who don't. And I don't really hate my job or anything. I just really enjoy being off!

So since I can't retire, I've decided I must change my attitude. So here goes. I'm so delighted to be going back to work. I get to catch up on all the paperwork I missed and I get to catch up on all the December reports and then all the year end reports and then open all the books for the new year. Doesn't that sound like a ball...Nope, sorry, this is just not cutting it. Sounds fake even to me!

So, instead ....Thank you Lord for my job. Thank you for the respite you've allowed me to have these past 2 weeks. You know I'd like to stay off, but you know better and I know you have reasons for me to still be working there. Help me to go back in today and have the right attitude and be a witness for you. Help me to see you today and listen to you and if there's someone you want me to tell about you, help me to see. In the mean time, help me to just praise You!

There, now that sounds more real to me. How about you? Are you going back to work today and how's your attitude? You don't have to tell me. Just tell Him. He understands and He already knows and He cares.

Love you all and I hope you have a great Monday!


  1. good for you!!!

    I actually don't have to go back till Wednesday.......but am thankful for my job AND the break I got!!

    have a great day!

  2. That's great. Loved your thankful prayer at the end.

    My kids don't go back until tomorrow. I'm already dreading the alarm and making lunches!

  3. Great post! I am trying to have a better attitude about "everything" this year!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Oh, I can sooo relate. Or shall I say my hubbie can relate? I'm not working, but he had two weeks off for Christmas, and last night was his first night back. He did NOT want to go. We came to the same conclusion you did - change the attitude. We are glad he has a job, a lot of people don't!

    Blessings, Cathy girl!

  5. Cathy - thanks for being human like the rest of us! While I am currently, sort-of retired, I did have to start school today with Andrew. We, too, were in need of an attitude adjustment before our break and a new attitude really paid off today! Now if we can just keep it up...

  6. Great post Cathy! God does know and understand! Hope you had a great day back!

  7. I had to get back to the routine of running everyone everywhere. In the slushy cruddy snow. But I survived and really had a nice MOnday:)

  8. We were all back at work and school yeserday but we are all off today becuase of the snow. We have had 7 inches so far today and it's still falling. We are snowed in! I enjoyed getting back to work yesterday and into a routine again but am content to be warm and cosy at home today.

  9. Hi there! I found you b/c Linda Crow and Sara Bowyer became friends with you on FB and since they don't live near each other I figured you were a blogger! Hello! and I'll be back. I am participating in the P365 as well. See you on the e-side!

  10. AMEN! What a great post, Cathy! I have been a stay-at-home-school-mom for the past three years and am so BLESSED to be able to stay home with my son.

    I long for the day that Skippy will be able to retire. He so deserves it!

    Blessings, sweet lady~


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