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Thursday, January 21, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

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Is anyone else getting a little tired of the white or grey skies? We've had a lot of this in the last few weeks. These 2 pictures above are from the 10th of January. Today if I had taken a picture it would've looked about the same except it's rainy and most of the snow is gone. I must admit though I do like the looks of the icy tree branches. Below is a big ole blue sky like I'm longing for!

Happy SkyWatch Friday everyone and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh, I like those icy branches too in this pic - lovely. But, like you I long for beautiful blue skies. We've had lots of rain too!

  2. Yep...those top two look just like our skies here:) WAiting for the sun.

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    Now is probably not the time to tell you that it was sunny and 76 here today! :-)

  4. The icy branches ARE very pretty... but the constant gray skies are one reason I'm glad I left Ohio and live in southern Kansas now. We still have plenty of blue skies, even in the middle of winter. :)

  5. beautiful skies!
    have a great day and a fab weekend ahead!

    Come on over and watch my piece of sky with me!


  6. Beautiful pictures.
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: I love sky shots!!

  7. those top two look just like our skies here:) WAiting for the sun.

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  8. Looks like the skies we have been having too. I am ready for some sunshine! :)

  9. Oh I KNOW about those gray skies!
    For two days, I've seen some sunshine and it makes me feel like it's been forever since I've seen it!
    If the sun comes out, Cathy...
    get out there and do a 'happy dance!'

    Smiles for you ~Maria

  10. I am so ready for blue skies and sunshine!


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