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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Anyone?

Would anyone like some snow? I think I've had enough already. No really, it's very pretty and the roads haven't been too bad. And it's not near as cold today as it was yesterday. So I'm okay with it so far. Like I really have a choice in the matter, right?!? I mean after all, God doesn't confer with me before He dictates what the weather will be.

I took this picture on the drive into work this morning. No I wasn't driving. See there wasn't much then, but they had closed the schools and I was kinda wondering why.
Well, here we are on the way home from work and as you can see there's lots more snow and I'm glad they canceled school. Now it may still not be a lot of snow to you that live way up north, but we have a lot of rural roads and I'm glad those kids weren't riding school buses home in this. And when school let out 2 hrs. before I got off work, the snow was really falling hard then.
My hubby stopped in front of our house for me to take this picture. So if you ever wondered what my house looks like, here you go.
As soon as I got home, I went out with the dog, the broom and my camera. The snow is very light and I was able to sweep the back porch off instead of shoveling. So the next couple of pictures are from my back yard. This is the farm that backs up to our back yard.
This is our little red barn shed and Lily barking at the neighbor's cat.


  1. yep, still don't miss it!!

    But it is COLD here. I think our high was in the 20s which is unheard of around here!!


  2. We would actually like a little bit of snow here...my boys heard that it might snow tonight so they've already gotten in "no school" mode. Now I think it's going to miss us altogether. I guess I better go make them go to bed.

  3. it's been snowing here this afternoon :D

    loved your pics

  4. I called Kay right away after seeing your comment on my blog...it IS a small world. I remember hearing her talk about your family before.

    Do you still live in our area? Kay and Bob live just up the street from us in Lebanon. We spend lots of time together. Did you know that Jill finally got married this summer? And moved back home from Vegas to Kettering, OH. Lots of changes, but no more grandbabies for them yet.

    Thanks for visiting; hope you'll be back!

  5. Yes...we got snow. The kids are hoping for a snow day...but probably not. I shoveled that stuff and then it snowed some more. ugh. I didn't get any pictures though. Maybe tomorrow.

  6. STILL!!!! snowing. School tomorrow?

  7. Love the pictures and I love snow IN pictures. I think I can do without it for the most part. Although, they are predicting the chance of some "winter precipitation" here in Orlando this weekend. I think they just don't know what to call it! lol

  8. NO THANKS...you just keep it all there....mmmmkay!

  9. I see Heather commented from Lebanon, she is my friend! And you know Kay, weird and very small world!!!!

  10. Hi, Cathy~

    We got about an inch and half here and YES, they closed school. This is hard for me to understand sometimes, being born and raised in New York. But better to be safe then sorry!

    Beautiful pics of the snow!


  11. Jealous I am...

    We got zero...nada...nothing!

    Meanwhile, my family in Alabama got enough to miss two days of school (that's not saying a lot...it is the South and we just don't know how to 'do' snow, lol).

    It's so pretty!!!

  12. We missed two days of school here too. The girls loved it. Me, not so much because I still had to go to work!


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