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Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Project 365 Week 6


This is our week.  Why don't you come and join in on the fun with the rest of us at Sara's blog Make Music From Your Heart.
Sunday 1/31/2010
 The moon was so big and beautiful.  Unfortunately my pictures does not do it justice.

Monday 2/1/2010
Kerri wrapped in her Ohio State blanket on the computer that is now hers.

Tuesday 2/2/2010
I didn't get any pictures this day.

Wednesday 2/3/2010
 Kelli bought her onw laptop for college this fall.  She got an excellent deal on a really great computer.  Now all 4 of us have one.  I know the nights gonna come when all 4 of us are sitting in the living room watching TV lined up on the recliners and couch playing on the computers at the same time.  Talk about a family of geeks.  lol  (I promise when that happens to try to take pictures...it's just a matter of time)

Thursday 2/4/2010
I drink out of my Disney cups almost every day.  I need to get that Disney fix wherever and whenever possible.  In fact, I've been listening to Mouse World radio on the computer this week at work.  Man I've got it bad. lol

Friday 2/5/2010
This is what it looked like last night driving into town to pick up Kelli.  Folks this was not rain, it was sleet and snow.

Saturday 2/6/2010
This is what it looks like in our area now.  And we're supposed to get more this week.


  1. Enjoyed all the pictures, but that last one is especially stunning!

  2. I love a full moon..and pictures never do God's creation justice do they?

    at thanksgiving we had friends over and I have a picture of 5 of us on laptops at the same time....technology!

    after your pics.....so glad I live in the south!!!!

  3. I tried a few moon shots this week and they were awful. Love yours!

    I could go for a Disney fix about right now too. We're buried under two feet of snow!

    Thanks for sharing your week!

  4. Be safe and stay warm. We will try and do the same.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. We have to be close to each other... in location & in mind... the weather AND the Disney stuff... we're soul sisters! :)

    Love a new laptop! i think I need to start finding a new one for me

  6. Um... wow. Even though that sleet/ice night shot is beautiful... it's scary to think you had to drive in it. I love your shots.

  7. we are a family with 5 laptops and 3 pc's. it's a little embarassing sometimes when i think about it, but with 3 kids who are into technology and a husband who works on computers, we just can't help it. i cannot believe all the ice and snow you people are getting! wow. i love your moon picture, i tried one this week, it didn't work out very well.

  8. I need a Disney Fix, too!!! We should get together and watch Mickey cartoons sometime! :)

  9. We're another geeky family and for years we'd line up on chairs and couches in the living room with our computers :-) My daughter and I are always e-mailing each other links when we're two feet apart.

    Not missing the sleet and snow! Wouldn't mind a little of your cooler weather though.

    Loved the last photo of the snow-covered trees. Serene and beautiful!

  10. They are calling for more snow for us too! Fun pics!

  11. Yep. It's definitely winter where you are!

  12. Just stopping by and thought I'd leave a comment, hope you don't mind.

    Are you taking a picture each day in 2010? I've seen this around blogland but frankly my life just isn't that interesting. I've committed to taking one picture a week. That's more my speed.

    Take care and have a great week!

  13. Thanks for the award!

    I love that picture of the moon...it is beautiful! We didn't get so much as a single snow flake this weekend. We must be just over the snow line for this last storm because less than an hour south they of us they got well over a foot. We may get some tomorrow/Wed. but we'll see.

    Have a nice Monday!

  14. Great pics this week Cathy! I am sure Disney is sounding even better when looking at that last picture!

  15. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great week!

  16. Hi Cathy
    How I wish I could listen to mouse world radio too!
    I have a Disney mad work collegaue and every now and then she comes for lunch and we drink from our Disney mugs.

  17. Love the moon picture and what a cool new laptop. I hate driving in the weather.

  18. That night photo driving into town is really awesome. The others are great too, but that one really stood out to me for some reason.

    I'll be in Fl in July (briefly) and we are taking the kids to Disney for a day. Can't wait! We are very excited. My aunt actually found me a program where you donate a day's time to volunteer organizations in your area and you get a day at Disney for free. I'm working on it!!!


  19. We kept our Disney cups too. I don't like to drink out of them though, I prefer drinking out of a glass. But I do like to look at them and remember the great trip we had...

  20. We haven't really had any snow to speak of. Your picture was beautiful!

    BTW, my son has his own laptop that he bought for college. My hubby has a laptop that they bought him for work and he brings home sometimes. So I get to use his old laptop and our youngest can use the computer, lol!

  21. Great photo's Cathy!!
    I really enjoyed them, thanks for sharing.
    Take care

  22. Your pictures look great. My camera has been in Best Buy's "shop" but I have it back now. I will be linked up next week though.

  23. Wonderful pics, Cathy. Funny, I'll bet our yards are the same color.....WHITE! lol

    We were lucky that we didn't get the additional 2 feet yesterday and today like they said we would. Thank God, it went around!

    Keep warm!!


  24. Loved the last photo, looks just like our woods. And the moon shot is beautiful.