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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Project 365 Week 8

Sunday 2/14/2010
No pictures
Monday 2/15/2010
More snow.  My beautiful swing.  We forgot to put it away this winter.  I hope all this snow doesn't break it.
Tuesday 2/16/2010
I had to have a medical test and this is what my hands looked like when I got home.
Wednesday 2/17/2010
Icicles outside the front door of the police department
Thursday 2/18/2010
On the way to take Kerri to school, we saw this horse rolling in the snow.  I was at a stop sign so no I didn't stop in the middle of the road to take this.
Friday 2/19/2010
Beautiful sunset in the subdivision where my parents live.
Saturday 2/20/2010
If you look closely, you can see my computer screen at the left front and Kerri is curled up in the chair on the right with her computer and there's Kelli in front of the french door on her computer.  I thought this was pretty funny.  All three of us girls being geeky.  Of course, Tracy was on his too, but he was in the bedroom.
More icicles...this time on one of the banks.  Kelli went inside to do her banking and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

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  1. I just love icicle pictures, not too fond of the weather that causes them, but...

    I love the geeky picture, you all are just technologically savvy!!

    Great week

  2. The picture w/ comments about everyone in the house on their computers cracks me up!

  3. I think the horse rolling in the snow is quite interesting. I probably would've stopped for that picture.
    At least your family stays "geeky" together! :)
    Great week!!

  4. you guys look like us with all the computers going at once!!! isn't it great? lol.

  5. We have two computers in one room and my husband and I are ususally on at the same time. Sometimes he sends me a message. Crazy !!! And the snow can go - r u with me?I am ready for summer

  6. LOL- I know what you did on Tuesday!

    Fun pics.

  7. WAY too much ice and snow! I'll let y'all enjoy it while I just enjoy your photos :-)

  8. I've never seen a horse rolling in snow!!!

    Look at those icicles!!! WOW!! Dangerous!

    love the computer generation... what would the world do without them now?

  9. I have been wanting to take pictures of icicles. Just haven't been around them when I have had my good camera. I need to make a special trip because they are so cool. Great shots.
    I hope your swing survives all that heavy snow too.

  10. what kind of tests did you have done? everything ok??

  11. Loved all your snow photos: the swing, the horse, the sunset.
    And the geeky pic! I noticed the teapots above your glass door and the calendar frame! Our son made each of us a wooden frame with the family names for Crhistmas a year ago.

  12. Love your pics especially the ones of the beautiful sunset and the horse rolling in the snow. How cute!

  13. love the snow and icicle pix! we would never see those in our neck of the woods. :)

  14. Oh the horse is beautiful! Don't seen them rolling around liket that very often...

  15. Oooh. Your swing looks a little forlorn that you left it out in that weather! ;) Beautiful sunset. Wonder what that horse was up to? I've never heard of horses rolling in the snow. Be thankful you have a computer per person...my husband and I fuss over our ONE. Ha!

  16. Kansas sure hasn't had the icicles that Ohio has lately... I saw some HUGE icicles when I was in Akron a week ago! Trust me, I'm not jealous in the least, LOL.

    Love the shot of your swing... I can just imagine how delightful to sit there, in warm weather of course, with a deelish glass of iced tea! :)


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