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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Golden Cross by Angela Elwell Hunt

Value Fiction For Your Spring Break Part 2

Colorado Springs, CO— Fiction lovers don’t need to budget to travel this spring break with Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group’s six full-length novels by beloved Christian authors (WaterBrook, February 16, 2010). At the low cost of only $6.99, these well-read “get-aways” provide quality entertainment at a price that any reader can afford.

Full-length novels offered include:

by Robin Jones Gunn - Jessica has moved to a new town to start a new life. But a friendly fire-fighter and a suspicious boss both want to know what she’s hiding.

Beneath a Southern Sky
by Deborah Raney – Daria Camfield is expecting her first child when her husband Nate is reported dead on the mission field. Devastated, she returns to the States and soon marries again. But two years later Nate is found alive in the jungle. How can Daria possibly choose between he two men who love her?

The Golden Cross
by Angela Elwell Hunt – Aidan O’Connor may be a poor barmaid but she’s also a gifted artists. When a famous cartographer takes her on as a student, Aidan is swept into an adventure that will bring her back to her heavenly Father, and into marriage with the love of her life.

Deep Harbor
by Lisa Tawn Bergren – Tora, Elsa, Kaatje, and Karl face trouble, tragedy, and treachery across the Wast, Hawaii , Japan , and the high seas. These four immigrants from Bergen , Norway , each grow closer to God and learn afresh the value of faith, family, and coming alongside each other in times of need.

Faithful Heart
by Al and Joanna Lacy – The adventures of certified medical nurse and dedicated Christian Breanna Baylor continue as she travels by wagon train to visit her sister, Dottie, in California . Little does she know that her most dangerous encounter might be with Jerrod, her brother-in-law, who’s suffering from dementia caused by combat fatigue.

Yesterday’s Promise
by Linda Lee Chaikin – Rogan Chantry faces danger from tribesmen, ruthless politicians, and his own family as he searches for gold in South Africa . In England , his beloved Evy is injured by a mysterious assailant. The greed and intrigue surrounding the diamond mines could very well drive them irrevocably apart.

I received 2 of these books to review.  My first review is here.

The Golden Cross  This is Book 2 in "The Heirs of Cahira O'Connor by Angela Elwell Hunt. 

Description from Back Cover of the Book:  Aidan O'Connor was raised among pickpockets and prostitutes in a Dutch colony on Java, Indonesia.  But when a world-famous cartographer discovers her natural artistic talent, she is given a chance to leave her troubled life behind.  Disguised as a boy, Aidan joins her  benefactor at sea and begins the work of drawing the flora and fauna of the new world.  This fresh beginning leads her into adventure--and to a great love.  But can this love survive the force of Aidan's past...and her ambitions for her future?

My Thoughts:  This was a pretty good book.  It takes you to some really exotic places.  I enjoyed the shipboard part of the story the most with her faking being a boy and the travel to the islands and the interactions with the natives, etc.  If you like books that take place back in the mid-1600's and that have lots of adventure, you will enjoy this book.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


  1. These sound good Cathy! I think I have read another book by Angela Hunt. My favorite Christian author is Karen Kingsbury but Sally John(I think that's her name) is another good one! Hey I see you are on Facebook, I'll friend request you! I seem to keep up better on that. LOL Have a great weekend!

  2. I envy all of you that can read through a book so quickly. I always find other things to do instead of read. Oh how I would like to be taken to another place in time...somedays:)

  3. I cant seem to find time to read through a book either. I used to...maybe some day.

    Oh, you don't like tea ??? Bless your heart ; )

  4. some of these sound like great reads. Beneath a Southern Sky sounds like it woul dreally be hard to put down. i am heading to the library this weekend(since I am a cheapskate) maybe I can find one of these.

  5. Hi, Cathy~

    I just love reading your book reviews. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us. You seem to like the same genre(s) as a I do. YAY!


  6. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the review!

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