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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If I Was...

I got this from Kathleen at Heart 2 Heart earlier this week and wanted to share this with all of you that want to follow along and do the same.

If I Was...

a color, red
a verb, love
a day, Saturday
a TV show, Survivor
a taste, chocolate
an emotion, peace
a month, July
a flower, morning glory
a holiday, Christmas
a movie, Lake House
an article of clothing, sweats
a book, The Shack
a car, Mercedes
a piece of furniture, rocking chair
a scent, vanilla
an instrument, piano
store, Walmart
a shoe, Crocs
a fruit, peach
an emotion, joy
a song, What A Day That Will Be
a tree, oak
a planet, Saturn
a tool, hammer

by Cathy at Tales of the TCKK Family


  1. Hey, I like this! Can I borrow it?

  2. How did I know your answer to a taste would be CHOCOLATE! lol

    However, I don't think I would want to be Wal-Mart as a store. I think I would pick a place that already had PREPARED FOOOD! :> ) YUMMM!

    Fun post!


  3. this is cute! Love your answers too.

  4. I'm glad your emotion was JOY! Love it - have a great weekend!

  5. I love the shoe - Crocs! Me too... people either hate em or love em... but their so dang comfy! Just got a new pair in the mail yesterday!!

    I totally want to do this too..

  6. Cute post. Great answers! Hope you have a happy weekend.


  7. I love your blog. I just finished reading The Shack and have suggested that my book club read it next. I will definitely put you on my prayer list. Have a blessed week-end!

  8. My favorite instrument is the piano. Love to hear it played. Yum to Vanilla scent and Chocolate taste:)

  9. How fun, I may try to do this next week. Thanks for sharing it! And Congratulations, you are the winner of The traveling book. Email me your mailing info and I will get it on its way to you. It has been a lot of fun!

    until next time... nel

  10. Congrats on winning the book over at Nels...it's fun to see where it continue traveling. Enjoy!

  11. I saw this at Kat's, and I LOVE it! I'm going to post this list next week some time. What an awesome way to show you want to be the best of everything!

  12. Hey There!

    Congrat on "I Won...You Win!"

    Let me know when you get your giveaway up and running and I will link over from my blog to yours. I hope you enjoy your time with "Sisterchick with Wooden Spoons"


  13. Hi Cathy!
    This is the second time in two days someone has mentioned the book The Shack. It must be a book that should be on my nightstand soon~
    God bless you and enjoy a beautiful Sunday~