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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Here Burns My Candle" Winners

I only had 4 entries to win 2 books. And the winners are ; Mimi at He &amp  Me +3 and Robin at Life in a Small Town. Ladies, send me your address and I'll put them in the mail right away. Congrats

Oh, and I'm really excited too. There were 5 comments on the giveaway post, but only 4 entries. Guess who the 5th comment was from. The author of the book! Liz Curtis Higgs! I think that is so awesome that she took time to read my review and make a comment. Man, I love this lady!

Have a great day everyone and congrats to Mimi and Robin!!!


  1. Cool Congrats Ladies :)

  2. Cathy can you give me some info on that book review site

  3. Congrats to Mimi and Robin!! That is so cool that the author took the time to stop by your blog and read your post and even take the time to comment.

  4. Now how the heck did I miss this giveaway!!!! Shoodunkie!!!!!

    Concrats to the winners anyway :O)

  5. I didnt comment on that because I already have the book... its a good read...

    But totally jealous that you got the woman herself commenting on your blog! I love Liz!!!

  6. Thanks for the Link Cathy :)

  7. omgoodness!!! I've lived my whole life never winning anything, and now, in 3 day's time, I've won 2 giveaways!! I am sooo excited!!
    Thank you so much for sponsoring one!!
    (I sent my addy to your twitter dm!)

  8. They are ready to go in the mail ladies. Hopefully, I'll get to the post office after work.


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