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Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday

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Continuing with the back-to-school theme. . . .

What type of extra-curricular school activities did you participate in during your school days? Clubs? Spelling bees or other contests? Cheerleader or drill team? Sports? Journalism? Choir or theater?  Were there any memorable events related to those? Did you receive any awards? Were football games a big deal at your school? Did you usually attend - and was it with a group or as a date? What was Homecoming like?

I'm truly sorry, but my answers for this week are pretty boring. Actually I was never involved in too many after school activities.  We lived in the country and had to ride the bus home so we really couldn't stay after school.  I did belong to FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and Spanish Club, but there were very few meetings the years I was involved in them.  I didn't play any organized sports ever.  I think that's why I was glad my girls played volleyball and basketball.  I did take piano lessons from 2nd grade until I graduated high school.

The only award I received was being inducted into National Honor Society which was pretty cool.  I never attended even one basketball or football game when I was in high school.  I did go to several when my older brother and sister were in school.  I only had 2 dates in high school.  One was to a Cincinnati Red's baseball game and I attended my senior prom.  Never went out with either boy again after those dates.  

I had quite a few friends, but my parents just never let us run around after school hours. Usually if I went places with someone it was my older sister or a cousin from church.  It's just the way it was and I usually didn't mind.

So since my answer is pretty boring to this week's prompt, I thought I'd post this video so you can leave my blog with a good laugh.


  1. That video is hilarious!

    Thanks for participating!

  2. Hey Cathy, this is interesting. We had similar country kid experiences! I did not have even one date while in high school so you were up on me there.

    With not much to write about, that is why I decided to write about the FOOD that I missed earlier. Maybe I should have found a funny video like you did! I like the Mrs. Robinson music on it. Thank you.
    (I will miss next week too--a Canadian holiday will take me away.)

  3. I think that's fine -- sometimes just quiet time at home to think or be with friends is plenty of activity.

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  5. Thanks for stopping by today! I enjoyed hearing about your school years too. Sounds like yours was about as exciting as mine. :o) But, I was happy and as I said, I probably thought it was "normal" to go to several schools and not be involved in a lot of extra activities. Blessings to you!

  6. I didn't think your answer was boring at all. I think your country life raising sounds pretty nice!

  7. I've never heard of Future Business Leaders of America-were they a city version of Future Farmers of America? :-)

    I like that phrase "run around" after school hours. I, too, didn't do a lot of "hanging out" or "going out" in high school. It's interesting to me to see how different my baby sister's high school experience has been than my own. (Since she has six older siblings in the work force or in college, she's always "running around" with one or the other or a group of us--going to movies, "hanging out", camping, road trips, you name it.)

  8. Hi Cathy!
    I think induction into the National Honor Society says a lot!
    It is such an honor...
    I know it still is ~

    Your video is hilarious!
    I need one of those LOL
    I'd also love an extra accelerator when my husband is only going 45 in a 55!

    *Happy Weekend to you*
    isn't it nice to get rid of the humidity here in the northeast!!!?!


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