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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Fringe Girl from the Domestic Fringe tagged me in a blog game.

According to the rules, I have 8 questions to answer and I must tag 8 people.  So here goes.

1. What is one food you detest?

liver - nastiest stuff in the world.  My mom used to make us kids eat it when we were little, but she'd make herself something else to eat.  She claims her mom used to get on her and tell her she needed to make it for us so she did.  All I know is I hated it and I hope to never eat again in my life.  Hubby likes it, but he has to go to a restaurant if he wants to eat it!  lol

2. What is your perfect day?

Just a day when I'm free to do anything I want.

3. If you could take a vacation next week, where would you go.

Disney World!

4. What are your five favorite blogs?

I like so many. I mean take a look at how many are in my sidebar.  If I didn't like them they wouldn't be there. How do I narrow it down?  Okay, I pick these, but I love the rest of them too.

College Stew
The Domestic Fringe
Mocha with Linda
Knit by God's Hand
Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord

5. What are your thoughts on Facebook?

I like it.  It's fun catching up on people (friends and family) that I haven't seen in years.

6. Are your parent’s technological goobers like mine?

Mom used to have a lot of fun on the computer, but she doesn't see well enough any more and dad is very proud of the fact that he knows nothing about computers.  So they are not into technology that much, but there isn't much of anything else they can't do or accomplish!

7. If you had to choose between losing 15 pounds forever OR having perfect skin, but putting on 15 pounds permanently…what would it be?

Hey, I've been fat this long, why not a little longer.  haha  I've already put in an order for a size 6 body in heaven.  lol

8. What is your best recipe?

I'm not much of a cook, but I do okay with lasagna.  Just check out the Betty Crocker cook book for the lasagna recipe there.  Been making it for over 20 years.  The family loves it.

Okay now for the tagging people. 

Heavenly Humor
Patiently Waiting
He & Me + 3
Playing with the Paulsons
Knit by God's Hand
College Stew
Goose Hill Farm
Fresh Oil Today

If I didn't tag you and you want to play, please do!  And if I did tag you and you don't want to play, that's ok.  I promise I won't get my feelings hurt. 


  1. Haha, too funny...I was just thinking today "I think I'll make some liver!" I don't normally like it, but every 10 years or so...

    I think I'll pass on playing, but thanks for asking!

  2. this is so fun! And I am so honored to be listed as one of your favs!!!

    I detest lima beans b/c my mom forced me to eat them too. I swallowed them like a pill with my milk!!

    #6 question cracked me up b/c I just got off the phone walking my dad through how to get to my faceboook page to see a video! ha!

    and of course you would go to Disney World!!!

  3. Disney World... Who would of thunk it! lolol. Oh I detest liver also at least beef, hate the smell of it. Now chicken livers I like but am picky about them!
    until next time... nel

  4. I hated liver as a kid, then got to where I liked it. And I loved chicken livers. Then my husband said, "why would you eat something that filters out all the yucky stuff in the body?" Haven't eaten it since!

  5. Never head liver, but doesn't smell good. LOL so I will belive you.
    I would love a day to have no other worries other than me...that would be a perfect day. :)
    thanks for the tag.

  6. Ahh - thanks lady!!! I'm just getting around to my blog reading & this was a fun surprise!

    I had to laugh at the 15 lbs/skin question!!! I instantly though - that's what makeup is for - give me 15 lbs off - thankyouverymuch! :)


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