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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 365

Click here to go join Sara in the fun of Project 365.  This week I'm doing 2 weeks in one.  I only got a couple pictures the first week so I'm just combining them.

Sunday, September 19 - Thomas the Train was in town

Friday, September 24th - Can you see the bee covered in pollen inside this flower?

Saturday, September 25th - Applefest was in town.  I worked 8 hrs. overtime this day to help out with the extra calls because of all the extra people in town.  It was a beautiful day and the crowds were huge.
 Here's a picture from my car on the way showing the set-up work going on.
 I got to see these 2 alpacas later that day.  Aren't they adorable?  They are mother and child and they are so very, very soft.

Sunday, September 26th - we had such beautiful skies this evening
 Here's another shot.

Monday, September 27th - sending a care package to Kelli!

Tuesday, September 28th - I saw this little squirrel playing around the parking lot where I park for work.

 Thursday - September 30th - We went and saw the Return of Nannie McPhee - cute movie and Kerri and I were the only ones in the theater - we still clapped when it was over even though we were by ourselves.  lol

Saturday, October 2nd - we went out driving and Geo-caching.  We were way out in the country as you can tell by this photo
 This is a path we walked looking for a geo-cache.  However, about 15 minutes in on the walk we came to a fence and the gate was closed - probably for the winter, so we never found this one.  It was still a beautiful walk and we saw 2 deer while we were out there too.  This is at Stonelick State Park and so is the lake in the picture below.
 The trees are beginning to change colors around here now.  It had just begun raining shortly before I took this picture.

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. how did you see that bee?!!!

    Jason was just complaining to me that all his friends are getting care packages from their parents and he has yet to get one....what awful parents he has!!! :)

    I miss all the colors. They aren't near as pretty here in AR as they were in IN!

  2. I just love a soft pink sky...so pretty!

  3. I cant believe that bee!!!! That's crazy!!!! Was it ALIVE???? Or was it killed by all that pollen? I've never seen anything like that in my life!!!!

    How fun that you had the theater to yourself!!! When that happens, I'll always tell the person I'm with, "I rented the theater out JUST for you!" haha!!

  4. Love the sky and foliage pics, especially. I sure would like to see brilliant fall colors!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the sky and the scenery. Our apple fest was this weekend and we missed it. We are all still bummed about it. We love apple fest.

  6. My Rose of Sharon attract the bees like that too! It is just amazing to see them get down deep inside and the how much pollen they get all over them!

    Have a great week!


  7. Ooooohhhh ... Applefest! I want to go.

  8. Oh! We've been to see Thomas before! Great fun.

    Awww...alpacas are precious.

    You know? We've never been geo-caching, but it has always interested us. I'll bet my oldest would really get into it, too.

  9. Cute blog! That bee hit the jackpot in that flower! So you saw The Return of Nanny McPhee. How would you rate it? Would a family with teenagers sit through it?

    Please respond on one of my blogs, if you don't mind. I've watched the trailers and it seems enticing.

  10. Great photos! I think the sky pictures are my favorite, but that squirrel is kinda cute. ;-)


  11. looks like a great week! i wanna see the Nanny McPhee movie. I heard it was really cute from several people!

  12. That last photo made me nostalgic for fall! Miss the changing colors of the trees. We get a bit of yellow and a touch of red here but it's a more temperate climate so not so much.

    Applefest looks like a lot of fun! Your whole week looks like fun :)


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