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Thursday, January 13, 2011

52 Weeks, 52 Letters in 2011!

I first saw this challenge on my friend, Rebecca Jo's blog and then I saw it on Sara's blog and she directed me to MiMi's blog.

I have never written a lot of letters, but I do send cards from time to time.  I like to make cards too.  So I think I'm gonna try this challenge.  I know I love to receive letters and cards and I know other people do to.  So hopefully, I can give someone some joy or maybe encourage someone every week this year.

The details from the blog in her post were,

“One piece of “real” mail sent out each week. It can be a letter, a postcard, a care package, a thank you note, handmade art, etc. I’m searching for all of the cards and stationary I have collected over the years and gathering them into one place with pens, envelopes (regular & padded), lots of stamps (.28 & .44), a glue stick, unlined index cards (great for making postcards), and a few USPS Small Flat Rate boxes. Oh, and I’m updating my address book.”

So, now I think I'm going to join in and see if I can accomplish this.  I think this is going to be such a rewarding goal for 2011!  I know I'm starting late, but I just wrote my first letter (before I posted this).  It's to my Compassion sponsored child.  So one down and 51 to go. 

52 Weeks, 52 Letters in 2011!

I think I'm gonna like this challenge. Who knows, if you e-mail me your address, I may even send you a letter or card. Or... Why don't you join in with us?


  1. Sounds like a good challenge. I actually buy a card from time to time and write it out. I just never mail it!!! I actually have several things sitting on my counter that need to go to the post office. I'm terrible.

    I'm sure your friends and family who are the receiving end of your mail will appreciate it.

  2. I BETTER BE ONE OF THEMMMMM :)))) I'll totally reply too! I'll make it a cool looking card :) that's a promise.... only if yours is good. haha. Just kidding


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