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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proud Mama Showing Off Some New Artwork by Kelli

My daughter has been working on her drawing talents. This is her first paid commission for a portrait. I think it's awesome! I can seeing her talent growing and growing. She took a picture with her cell phone and then sent it to my phone and I forwarded it to my email, so the quality isn't that great. But you can get the idea from this. So here is the original picture and her partially completed drawing and then the second is the completed drawing.


  1. ew... now that I look at it like this, I can see everything that is wrong with it... not cool

  2. Wow... that is so impressive. I'm so jealous of that talent. Its definitely a natural God given gift..

    (& is that your daughter commenting above? That is a true artist!!! My brother critizes EVERYTHING he does... can always find a flaw.. STOP IT KELLI!!!!) :)

  3. Yes that is my daughter and that is what she always does too. So does my sister. Must be an artist thing! lol

  4. Oops - commented and then didn't realize it didn't go through and closed the window!

    She is so very talented! What a gift.

    My husband does the same thing with our house. He sees every flaw in the sheetrock, especially in the first rooms he did when he was less-experienced. And I tend to notice my misspelled words after I hit publish on blogging or FB! Or when cooking, etc. We are all our own harshest critic!

  5. Wow! Your daughter has amazing talent. She's awesome. Really, really good job!



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