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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Woo Hoo - Could This Be the Beginning of Spring?

After it being like this forever (or at least if feels that way)....

It's so nice to have a day when it reached this...

People flying kites in front of the old radio station for "Voice of America"

And we celebrated the beautiful sunny warm day by having this....

Thank you God for the wonderful break!!!!


  1. I blogged about the same thing over here in Munich. God blessed us both.

  2. it was almost 70 here today!!!!

    and I miss culvers! I love cheese curds!

  3. It was gorgeous here today, too! Too bad it's not going to stick around!

  4. WOW I'm so happy for you! Nice to see ground instead of snow covered earth! We still have snow everywhere but maybe you can send your extra up to us?

  5. It's warm here, too ... there's very little snow left (although the gigantic piles created when they plowed the parking lots will be hanging around for a while). I have a feeling that winter isn't over yet, but I'm going to enjoy this warmer weather while it's here!

  6. We're in the 40's today-whoohoo!

    I still can't see the grass but my gutters are melting and for that I am thankful!


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