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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whether or Not...

Whether or not we like it, it seems winter is trying to come back.  Sunday was the first day of spring and it was pretty nice and so was Monday and Tuesday.  But Wednesday...while it was still warm, it rained and hailed and stormed and then the sun would come back out and then it would get dark again and then the sun again.  Strange day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be colder and they are calling for some snow tomorrow and Friday and it's going to be a cold weekend.  And I took a 3 day weekend and it's going to be too cold.  While I'm not happy about the cold, I totally plan to enjoy my time off anyway!.  Don't know what we're going to do, but I'm off and I plan to have a good time.

Now for some random pictures from today and last weekend.

Saturday we went to a small Amish Community in South East Ohio.

Here's one of the buggies.  Hubby tried to be discreet and not make it obvious he was taking their picture as we passed.

This was a unique looking building.  Inside was set up as a meeting room.  We stopped here because there was a Geocache close by.
That's hubby and our car and our youngest is in the car.  We are at Rocky Fork Lake.  I'm up on the hill because I had just gone up to get a Geocache  Hubby stayed down at the bottom to give me a chance to find it.  He almost always finds them before me. lol  And yes, I did find this one! ha
And this is the hail from today.  Almost looks like snow.  All this came down in less that 5 minutes.  The hail was about a 1/4" in diameter.


  1. Hi, Cathy~

    We have had some beautiful days here followed by the last two with horrendous thunder and lightning and torrential rain. We too, will be expecting some snow in the next week. CRAZY!

    I have never done the whole Geocache thing, but it heard it's really fun!

    Have a great day...STAY WARM!


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  3. We have snow. I've made peace with it : ) I will say these springtime snows are so pretty. Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Maybe we should get into geocaching - it sounds like such a fun family activity. Do you live in OH? We're in PA and are having similar weather this week - which I'm also not too thrilled about. We see those lovely Amish buggies daily. :)

  5. see....now that would make me cry!! :)

    my boys are in IN looking at colleges and it has snowed on them too!

  6. We ended up with flurries so it's not sticking to anything - good no shovelling! It is very cold and windy however, only in the low 30's. Springtime snow never last long, hang in there. This too shall pass.


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