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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Garden

Growing up, we always had a garden.  I hated working in the garden, but I loved some of the veggies we got from it.  Well, hubby and I have never had a garden, except for a few plants in pots on our back porch.

This year we decided to be adventurous and actually planted a garden in the ground and not in pots.  Everyone else in my family was talking about their gardens so we decided to have one too.  Thought I'd show you a couple pictures.

Hey, don't laugh!  I didn't say it was a big garden!  But you gotta admit, it's vegetables planted in the ground and that makes it a garden.  haha  We have 3 tomato plants and about 5 or 6 pepper plants of different varieties.  So do you have a garden and is it bigger than mine?


  1. Love your garden! You have to start someplace and those tomatoes will be great soon. Yes we have a garden this year. It came about because I asked for the fence to be fixed so the dog couldn't get out. I wonder what would have happened if I had asked for the garden?

  2. We don't have a garden because our dogs want to eat the produce! Thankfully we have neighbors who have a large garden and have offered to share the excess with us. ;-)

    The soil in your garden sure looks dark and rich! You ought to have wonderful tomatoes & peppers!

  3. I am a beginning gardener myself! I Have a raised bed in my back yard that is about the size of the bed of a pick up truck. I expanded it a bit this year and moved some of my veggie's out into the back yard landscape. I am working on the premise that when you have a very small space you should utilize as much of it as possible. I have had marginal success, some things do very well another no so much. I planted zucchini (this did not do very well!), green beans, cucumbers, several different kinds of peppers, tomatoes and some corn. The Green Beans have already come in and we had them for dinner a few night ago.

    Small gardens can be very successful! My cucumbers are coming in like gangbusters and my peppers are always very hardy too!

    Good luck!

  4. LynnMarie - I can't wait for the tomatoes. I hope they do well. We may even try to make some salsa since we have tomatoes and peppers.

    Kathy - that dark look is actually a black mulch. I am hoping that will help me fight the weeds.

    Robin - Who knows...if things go well this year, I may add some green beans for next year.

  5. Whoohoo! It IS a garden : ) I have tomatos in pots...we have serious animal life here and gardening is tricky as a result.

  6. Hi Cathy!
    It's always wonderful to plant something and watch it grow, then let it give back to you!
    I hope the "kids" are watering our garden. I don't think it needed anything over our rainy weekend, but now it seems to be drying out...
    Here in Austin {where our son lives} it's been hot and dry for days. I would imagine any outdoor plant would have quite a challenging life!
    *wishing your garden lots of sunshine!

  7. It is bigger that ours, since we do not have one. I miss eating fresh cucumbers out of the garden and other things. Love the taste of tomatoes but I cannot eat them, they break my mouth out on the inside, too much acid. Just thought I would share that tidbit of info...lolol. Hey the way I look at it you gotta start somewhere, and when your garden starts producing you will love it!
    until next time... nel

  8. I have a strawberry plant in a pot, so you've definitely outdone my best attempt at a 'garden'. Hope you get lots of fresh goodies.

  9. I LOVE your garden, I have been moving so much in the last 5 years we have only had luck with container gardens. I cant wait to find a little spot of dirt in the ground to plant yummy things!


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