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Thursday, June 9, 2011

SkyWatch Friday

 Click here to join in the fun and/or see all the beautiful sky pictures from all over the world.  
I took this picture last week.  We were headed out once again to pick up one of the girls from somewhere and I saw this beautiful sky over this beautiful red barn and couldn't resist.  This is actually at a small airport just outside our city.


  1. Awesome sky and the barn is a fun bonus. I need to join this someday, I take a lot of sky pictures.

  2. Gorgeous....I love red barns! So classic.

  3. Just love small airports, and barns...you got it all.

  4. Such a beautiful sky over that great red barn--nice shot. Mickie :)

  5. I can't decide if I like the sky or the Barn best. I love barns

  6. kind of looks like a storm is brewing!! beautiful!

  7. You take the prettiest pictures around your house! Have a good weekend. :-)



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